Madi, a fourteen year old has to move house, and with that come school. But popularity is hers, with one exception. Bella. Cancer struck Bella. What will she decide in this tale, of friendship, courage and reality....


9. New stories

     'I think they've gone' whispered Madi.

'Thank you so much. I know I have ruined your life now Madi, I'm so sorry!' Bella said, hugging Madi tightly.

'No Bella, you haven't ruined anything. So what if I have no friends. I've got you, and I know that your life is so much worse than mine. I'm the one who should be sorry, you don't deserve any of this' she cried back.

'My Granny has died too, I'm living at this place where all the children who need to be adopted live. I hate it Madi, I just want to die and be with my Mum' Madi sniffed, and hugged her again.

'It will get better, I promice'

     They walked back to Madi's house, and explained what had happened. Even Madi's parents were crying at the end of the story. They had rang the school, explaining everything, and the girls would be excluded for a while. Madi's parents put the house up for sale, and was hoping to move back to Colsport.

     Six months on, the house had sold, which meant Madi had to leave Bella.

'It will be ok Bella, you can visit us anytime!' she said, handing over the adress of their new house. Bella hadn't been adopted yet, and with all the drama going on she was being tutored at the place she lived.

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