Madi, a fourteen year old has to move house, and with that come school. But popularity is hers, with one exception. Bella. Cancer struck Bella. What will she decide in this tale, of friendship, courage and reality....


1. 'Mum!'

   'Forget it.' Madi sat on her bed staring into her room. Her house currently was packed to the brim with carboard boxes holding mainly Madi's stuff. She felt like she was losing the will to live. 'Oh come on Madi, its not that bad. Just think of all the new friends you'll make!' said Madi's Mum, handing her yet another box. The girl tilted her head, with a sarcastic grin. She stood up, and shut the door firmily on her Mum. 'Blah, blah, blah....The new friends, the new school. Well I dont want new friends!' shouted Madi, as she punched her fist up the bare wall, realising how much she really would miss Colsport. She thought what her new school would be like. Her friends had warned her that the new place was danger, and she believed them, no matter how much her Mum tried to persuade her otherwise...

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