Madi, a fourteen year old has to move house, and with that come school. But popularity is hers, with one exception. Bella. Cancer struck Bella. What will she decide in this tale, of friendship, courage and reality....


2. Moving

   'Here we are poppet, isn't it just stunning?' exclaimed Madi's Mum, rubbing her hands together. She rolled her eyes, whilst pushing her way into her new room. Well it was rather large, but she didnt care. She felt cold, and missed the warmth of the old house. 'Madi, come and get your boxes from the van' her Dad said, reaching out his hand, assuring her it would soon be as cosy as before.

  Before she knew it, though, her room was like before. Her walls were just as pink and glossy. Her big light, as sparkly as before, and of course her bed as comfortable as ever. Secretly, Madi started to like this place, especially now she was suddeny old enough to start going on the bus shopping.......

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