Bin Bag Girl

What would you do if you were abandonded at birth? Would you shrivel up and die? I didn't, I was strong. I lived my first two days in the world in a trash can.

What would you do if on your first day at Secondary School, people called you 'bin bag orphan'. Would you cry? Would you leave? I can't.There's no where else to go, no-one to turn to. So what can I do?

I was in a trash can for two days at a day old and lived, so why couldn't I deal with Secondary School at the age of twelve for the next two weeks, before I was murdered.


1. The start to my story

The cold, winter wind brushed past my tiny body. I shivered. I pushed the last screech I could manage out of my half dead body. I began to think that I was going to die, I inhaled what felt like my last breathe. But then a lady, about the age of 30, scooped me out and cradled my naked, quivering body. I was only two days old. My name is Lily, like the flower. And I was abandoned by my mother at birth, the only things she left were a note to someone if they found me it said:

To whom it may concern,

I'm sorry you had to be the one to find my baby. If she is alive, thank heavens, take her somewhere safe, please. If not, call the authorities. Thank you for helping me, because I am too cowardly to do what you are about to do.

From the mother.

There were also three envelopes for my 13th, 16th and 18th birthday for me to open if I lived through the freezing ordeal she put me through.

I'm starting secondary school soon, they already know about my 'problems' but so do all the other people at the school. My face has been plastered in the papers and news from (near enough) birth. It was horrible, everyone knew who I was, everyone wanted to ask questions or express sympathy. I don't need it! I simply don't need it. I think it's my parents who need sympathy, because there must have been something very bad or very important going on for my mother to have to go to such circumstances. But, if she even (in the slightest) cared about me, surely she would have left me at hospital, not a wrapped in a bin bag inside a trash can.

I'm only writing this to tell people about my experience of secondary school, not to make you feel sorry for me because I've had enough of sympathy. I want people to know what it was like for me in my first year at secondary school.

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