Bin Bag Girl

What would you do if you were abandonded at birth? Would you shrivel up and die? I didn't, I was strong. I lived my first two days in the world in a trash can.

What would you do if on your first day at Secondary School, people called you 'bin bag orphan'. Would you cry? Would you leave? I can't.There's no where else to go, no-one to turn to. So what can I do?

I was in a trash can for two days at a day old and lived, so why couldn't I deal with Secondary School at the age of twelve for the next two weeks, before I was murdered.


2. My first day

I left my carehome at about 8.30, in a mini-van. Our carer (Terry) dropped us off at the school where all my real 'problems' began. I went to the lockers and put my bag away and picked up the books I needed before walking to the form room. I walked about three steps before noticing everyone was staring, they knew who I was. Then, they started whispering. Brilliant start Lily! I went to a table, put my books down and looked around, yes they were still staring. Finally, I plucked up the courage...

"What?" I said. They all turned apart from one girl with bleach blond hair and an orange face.

"Hey, bin bag girl." She replied, sneering.

"It's Lily, actually." I swear my carehome had toughened me up, and I'm glad it did.

"Hmm.. I prefer bin bag girl," She answered, "and if anyone calls her Lily, they will have me and Ryan to deal with." As she pointed to a boy who looked fifteen not 12.

"Yeah!" He said, and his voice sent a shiver down my spine, it was at that point when our form tutor, Mr Baines, walked in. He plodded over to his desk, dropped his papers on it and turned to the class.

"Good morning newbies! My name is Mr Baines and we are going to have a great year, aren't we?" He announced,  gesturing his hands for us to reply.

"Yes, Mr Baines." (most of) the class replied.

"Excuse me, missy." Mr Baines said, "What's your name?"

"Chelsea. Chelsea Mills." She responded. Mr Baines swallowed, hard.

"Kelly's sister?" He asked nervously.

"The very same." She replied, looking round the room with a grin which meant, 'I own this school.' I later learnt that Kelly Mills was the school punk, only sixteen and had been expelled twice before coming to this school. She was now 7 months pregnant and preparing to leave the school with no qualifications, a bad reputation and a boyfriend even Ryan was truly scared of. And you can understand why, he was the head of a very famous and feared gang at only seventeen. His dad is in prison for fourteen counts of armed robbery and two murders, he's never leaving prison.

I was suddenly very worried because I had stood up to Chelsea, I was scared. My heart turned icy and my ribs started to tighten. I realised I wasn't breathing. I passed out.

The next thing I remember was waking up in hospital and thinking she's going to think I'm so weak, now I look like an easy target! Great! The last thing I needed to do was to get mixed up with her! I knew there and then, this was going to end in the worst possible way and I wished I had died in that thrash can.


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