secrets of dreams

As Victoria and her family leave LA and move to Ellesmere Port various events take place that tears her world apart


9. the one that got away

As we walked out of pe back in our school uniform the rain was still bouncing of the floor as we ran to chemistry. “Martha” I shouted as I ran up to her. Her brown hair which waved as she ran up to me really complimented her black and white sixth form uniform. Felix followed shortly.” Hey what have you got now?” Martha quizzed as she stood over me “chemistry!”  As the bell rang out at a piercingly loud volume which continued “what do you think that means?” Felix questioned as Mr. Badger my chemistry teacher shouted `fire alarm’.” Harry show Victoria where u need to line up and stop flirting with Zoë.” He gestured towards a tall thin boy with black floppy hair standing next to a pretty little girl with blond hair. He turned around and gave Mr. Badger the `do I have to` look as Mr. Badger just gestured towards me so the tall thin boy slithered towards me before standing up straight with a smile “hey I’m harry, is saw you this morning in form you looked really nervous and shy but trust me it’s cool here after a while I transferred from Yorkshire last year.” He smiled at me as he directed me down the stairs. My eye suddenly locked on to a girl suddenly everything went black and I saw her. my mind went back to the moment that I first saw that strange silhouette behind me I then saw her instead of the silhouette she stood looming over me her face dark, strange, mysterious, vague and plain starring right at me her eyes piercing like a laser straight through my stomach leaving a hole that grew bigger and bigger until I was gone like she had erased me completely I was forgotten in my family, my world, my life. How could she do that? Why would she do that? What power could she have to be able to do that? Is she another vampire? Is she alone? Questions running through my head nonstop growing and becoming louder until I realised she was the one behind me and now she’s here with me, with my family. Did she follow us? All I knew was she’s was the one that got away!  When I awoke I found myself standing exactly where I was before looking down the stairs at her like that hadn’t just happened harry was still talking about his first day. As we came out of the door will turn round the corner “Vicky” he shouted at me as he pulled me away from harry quickly. “Try to keep your distance from harry he’s a bit mad constantly talks about his first day but he can be quite cool as well.” He instructed me. As he took over responsibility of taking me to our form line. “We have to go in register order so you’ll be here!” he stated pushing me in line gently only three places from the front. As Miss Nichols went down the line ticking people of the register and then came back to the front.

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