secrets of dreams

As Victoria and her family leave LA and move to Ellesmere Port various events take place that tears her world apart


4. the move

The next day we watched the sunrise as it woke every mortal being up. “Well this is it our last day “quoted Carla. Dexter and Naomi came out to join us. “the plane leaves at 3:00pm so we will leave here at 12:45pm to get to the airport to check in, so it’s just turned  4am I want everyone back here for 12:30 we are on a tight schedule today so we don’t want the same nonsense’s we had yesterday do we Eliza”  Dexter joked  Eliza looked down and replied “no”  we all went back inside the house chatting and laughing as we paced up the stairs in a single file as we were about to separate Martha grabbed hold of my arm “I’m just going to borrow her for half an hour then she’s all yours I’m not stealing her” she teased  Leo without even turning to look at him. A smirk ran across his face “emm do I get a say in this a tall “I interrogated ,I stared at Martha as she shook her head “great well I guess I will see you later then” I remarked

 Martha dragged me down the hall to the second to last door and opened it “in you go “she dictated , as I walked in I noticed how bear her room was her wardrobe  and draws completely empty, all that was left out was two books, her iPod, phone and laptop.” so what did you want me for” I asked.

“Oh I wanted you to help me pack “she said rapidly as if her mind was on something else. “Why do you need me to help you pack it looks like you have everything out that you need” I enquired.

“Well Dexter said that we have to share bags because we’re only allowed five bags for hand luggage so you and me are sharing a bag, Carla and Eliza are sharing, violet and Edmund are sharing, Leo and Felix are sharing and obviously Dexter and Naomi are sharing.” She explained

“Oh okay so are we done I kind of want to get back” I exclaimed. She turned to face me gave me the `seriously` look and then replied “no I need whatever you are taking on the plane and I need you passport, both of them” pausing at how criminal we sounded like we were illegal immigrants which I guess we were kind of,   no-one   actually new us the real us. “oh, emm I don’t think I have my new one I think Dexter still has it but I’ll go an ask him for it” I stated looked in the bag to see how much room there was, the bag wasn’t even half full, “you think that’s enough space or do you want more, oh and don’t be all day” she joked

As I left Martha room I bumped into Felix”oh sorry I didn’t see you there” I exclaimed as soon as I said it I realized how stupid it sounded my 5ft 12 brother and not able to see him, even a normal human could see him and with vampire eyes not being able to see him made me sound ridiculous. ”oh you know what I mean I wasn’t looking” I tried to correct myself “yea I get what you mean oh Leo wants to see you Dexter gave him you new passport he’s in my room I think” he told me. As I looked down to what he was holding I noticed my hair stuff out of the bathroom as he started to walk away from me “hey”  I shouted after him, he came back to standing next to me “yea what”  he asked  as he stopped and looked down at the stuff he was holding ”what are you doing with my hair stuff and you do know that if Eliza finds you taking her make up somewhere without her permission she will kill you and if you don’t confess she will make it slow and painful she threatened Carla with that one last year when she went out with that Oliver dude and used her makeup. ” we started laughing in unison just at the memory of that night” yea good times apparently he still fancies her and her makeup is getting packed now“ he explained.

“ oh, well I’m not finished with them and they can go in my bag and I would go and make sure Eliza doesn’t want her make-up anymore before you pack it,” he carefully handed me my hair stuff waved at me as he turned around so smooth and silently as he headed towards Eliza and Carla room. I watched him leave as If I was glued to the ground suddenly my feet were free and I started the short walk to my room to get my the stuff I wanted  on the plane.


I got my phone, iPod, laptop, and bloodlust the book I’m reading gathered them up in my hand and went out closed the door and headed down the corridor to Felix’s room opened the door and entered the boys were on the balcony so I closed the door quietly not to disturb them lay my stuff on Felix’s bed and made my way out onto the balcony.


“Hey” Leo greeted me as I stepped out on to the balcony I was immediately met by the amazing sight of the Rocky Mountains the sun glistened of the snow at the top of the mountains. It always astonished me how the snow didn’t melt but then again it is a lot colder on the mountain top then in the sun down here.”Hey” I replied as I melted in to his arms “Felix said you had my new passport because I need it now because Martha wants to get packed” I told him. He nodded and pulled the passport out of his back pocket and held it up, ”what this?” he smirked as I went to take it out of his hands he reacted and placed his hands behind his back and sniggered at me “you can have it when I have you to myself “ he sniggered and then turned to Felix and mouthed something then turn back around were the pair of them were laughing “ well you do realize the quicker  I get this stuff into our bag the quicker I’m all yours don’t you I said as I turned around in his arms to face him. He thought for a minute and then leaned forward to kiss me as he did this I swiped my passport from behind him ran out of the balcony picked up my stuff of the bed and  ran out of the room headed towards Martha’s  room just as I opened the door he grabbed me and spun me round “Martha” I shouted through the door a second later and Martha came out “what “  she stuttered  and I held out my things she grabbed my stuff ran inside and closed the door behind her Leo immediately put me down and ran after her and through the door. I walked through the door after them “my girlfriends stuff “

“my bag mate/sisters stuff” they argued  she through my stuff back to me as I caught them Leo ran towards me but I manage to put my stuff in the bag and close it before he got to me “now I’m all yours right?”  I questioned “err yea I think so “Martha answered. I started walking towards the door “come on” I directed him out of Martha’s room “see you later “I said sarcastically as I waved to Martha.

Over the next 4 hours me and Leo talked about the ups and downs the last 5 years had given us “oh do you remember that time that boy asked Eliza out” Leo stated

”oh yea and she shot him down drastically, that was funny!  What was his name again?” I questioned

” I think it was ...”Leo was about to answered when Dexter shouted up the stairs ”guys you have 3 minutes to say goodbye to the house and get down the stairs with your stuff!” he commanded.

“So as I was saying I think he was called Alex”

“Okay, you ready to go.” He asked as I toke a picture from our balcony, the stunning view of   the Rocky Mountains standing tall and proud only 20 miles away as he came over and molded his arms around my waist and his head into my neck when he stopped behind me”yea just kiss goodbye to the sun for the next 5 years or so” I laughed. As we exited our room for the last time I felt an heir of sadness this room was one of the best rooms I’ve had. Leo toke my hand reading my facial expressions with extreme delicacy like always. “Hey dex says our new rooms bigger and better than this one, so that’s good.”  He said trying to give me something to look forward to, after reading my expressions and understanding that I was upset.

As we got to the top of the stairs and looked down we were surprised to see everybody else standing waiting for us. “Sorry are we late” we joked

“No actually you bang on time good work everyone” Dexter and Naomi stated. “Ok now everyone in cars and have you got all your bags for hand luggage?” Dexter asked. It was a 15minute drive to the air port from our house. When we got there the others were already standing waiting for us with the 8 suitcases and were getting out the other 6 suitcases out of the back of our car and on to the pavement were they standing. As we got out the car (Me Martha Felix and Naomi) we were directed to the second door Leo toke my hand and pulled me reluctantly through the revolving doors. The first sight I saw was fifteen straight lined desks with monarch written on the top in big bold yellow letters with a purple background. Next was another set of thirteen or so desks with Thomson written on the top in big bold white letters with a blue background. ”which one are we flying with” Martha asked putting her arm around me.

 ”emm, monarch right dex” Naomi questioned.

    “Yea” dex seconded, checking the tickets “that line there, go quickly” dex ordered us. We all walked quickly to the front of the barriers to head the line. As soon as the booths opened kayos began pushing and shoving right the way down the line, when we were called to booth to a little girl age 6 looked at me like there was something behind me like the devil she started to cry the minute her eyes caught mine. I moved quickly on trying not to get caught up with the weirdness. ”How many bags?”  The girl at desk by the name of charlotte her long blond hair complimented her smile and blue eyes” oh emm... fourteen!” Naomi said. Charlotte’s mouth dropped open for a fraction of a second we all started to giggle quietly. “Oh okay fourteen one four?” she seemed to question to make sure that she heard right. “Yes fourteen!” dex seconded Naomi. “What the name please and how many people please?”  A smile that showed her glistening white teeth lit up the room. ”yea sure it’s blendon and there is 11 of us” dex told her. She looked round at all of us examining each of our faces in detail “ah yes, can I have all your passports please”  we all noticed the way she emphasized all  so Dexter went rummaging through his bag and eventually pulled out the passports. ”hear you go” dex said handing the passports over the counter in to her hands  careful not to touch her hands and see the hole story of her life. ”please go through” she gestured towards the departures lounge then turning to give dex our tickets.

When we got into the lounge area we stayed like a military unit moving together one single step at a time. When people started to stare we all realised we were working in hunting mode opposed to try to fit in as much as we can mode. As soon as we start interacting with each other and started to walk out of sync with each other no-one seemed to stare anymore. A call came over the speakers calling monarch flight mo3197 to Manchester to gate 19 “that’s our flight” dex said so we all gathered up our handlugage and headed that way. Martha toke my hand and whispered in my ear” it makes it look more realist so go along with it” as her head turns back around she stops and kiss’s my cheek. This old couple behind us awwwed at that I had to restrain myself from busting out laughing.


When we arrived at the gate there was only seven seats left so dex and Naomi sat on two of them Felix sat on one and Eliza sat on his knee Edmund and Leo took the next two seats and violet sat on Edmunds as Leo gestured for me to sit on his so I walked over and sat on his knee. Martha sat next to us and Carla sat on her knee, leaving the last seat open and free for someone else to take it. It was only a few minutes before a pregnant woman came over and asked if the seat was available. ”yea sure” Martha gestured towards the seat. The man at the desk came on the intercom and asked “we are now board in people on to flight 3197 to Manchester. We will be starting in a moment so could everyone in seats  56 right the way through to seats 38” we all simultaneously looked at dex “19 to 8 upper deck”                                                                                

   “So how long do we have to wait?” Eliza asked. As if the man on the intercom heard her, then he said “could anyone on the upper deck please report” so we stood up to only find out we were the only people on the upper deck.

“What class is the upper deck?” Leo asked.

“First” Eliza Carla and I said in unison.

As we clambered up the stairs gracefully the most amazing site met our eyes. The upper deck looked like it was set out for royalty not us. Unlike the lower deck it was set out with a single chair at a single table set out like a restaurant for the aristocratic well to do classy people unlike are selves.”Hello!” the airhostess at the top of the perverted cruel bitter stairs that would have seen the demise of any ordinary mortal.” Hiya” we said successively. Her determination made her kneel down beside me and say “so how old are you?” I sarcastically replied “thirteen what it to you and stand up forheavensake I’m not a child” as if she had been struck in the face her jaw seemed to lock wide open. she seemed to drop back down to earth  at the laughter of my sibling before dex and Naomi  conducted silence “Vic”  Naomi unsympathetically warned me. We all took our places, oldest on one side youngest on the other with dex at the front and Naomi at the back.  Silence roomed around the deck like a bad smell.

When we were up in the air dex turned around to talk to us. “So who actually knows where we’re living, going to school and what grade were going into.”  Edmund sarcastically questioned dex before he could say anything. “Well if you drop the attitude I might tell you children”. Dex said in the most posh English ascent you have ever heard.” Oh come on dex” we all chanted together.

“And what’s with the fake English ascent they know we have come from America so we’re obviously going to have American ascents. It’s going to seem a bit weird if we come in with really posh British ascents?” Eliza snapped. “Your didn’t get time to put your make up on this morning did you Liz” I joked.

“so not funny Vic, and no you know I need three hours I only had time to do my hair!” she wept. I sat trying to figure out whether or not she was being serious or not I had just come to my conclusion when dex butted in “well Vicky is going into year not a grade in England so as I was saying Vicky your going into year 9 your form is R, Leo your also in the same year but you’re in M, Eliza you’re in the same year but you’re in T and Carla you are in B. Edmund and violet you are in year 10 and in form M “Edmund and violet looked towards each other and smiled cheekily at each other.

” Martha and Felix you’re in year twelve and your form is HVC. Is that okay with you horrible lot” dex asked. Looked around and then sighed when Eliza started to say “well what about cedric?”  Cedric of course that’s why she had been being moody she missed her soul mate my older biological brother. He was the only one I had known from the beginning of my life from as far back as I can remember cedric was always there he was five years older than me so looked after me. I always have this vivid image of my second year in high school and one of the unpopular boys decided that they were going to try and kiss me (cause before I changed I was not a social outcast I was one of the popular people in the school) I squealed and ran away backwards luckily the person I backed into was cedric and he saved me. I lost my track of thought when dex stated “he knew where he was when he went out there a fortnight ago and he’s in 10 R, so is everyone happy now?”  An awkward silence loamed in the air as we all wanted to know more. Edmund   was the braver and whispered “so where are we living dex? “  He’s face lit up with a cheeky smile that has become part of his image.” We’re living in a house in  the middle of two mountains so we have hunting grounds on each side it’s a nice little cottage that Ric has been setting up for us, it is only a forty minute drive from your school . Oh I forgot to mention you’re starting on Monday.” Dex’s voice faded away at the end that only violet who was sitting behind him could make out what he was saying in outrage she protested.” But today’s Saturday and by the time we land it will be Sunday and you’re expecting us to go into school on Monday, without learning were anything is and what is the weather like there; Eliza’s thinking it so I’m just verbalizing it . When are we going to get our school uniform if we only have less then one day in the town or village or whatever it is?”  She seemed angry at the end well we all were only a day to get to know the place then expected to go to school using her mind reading ability to back her argument up.  Dex looked like he expected the reaction and had a speech in his mind ready to be spoken at this precise moment.” well cedric has bought all of your uniforms for you and it rains a lot or so I’ve been informed  so you will need your umbrellas however much you don’t like them you will need them.”


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