secrets of dreams

As Victoria and her family leave LA and move to Ellesmere Port various events take place that tears her world apart


3. the last hunt

Come on kids, time to go and hunt” Dexter laughed up the stairs.

“Oh god we better get changed quickly “I suggested 

“yea we better had before we have Dex on our backs “he laughed I speedily got changed out of our uniform and into a black and white skirt with yellow and grey striped top while Leo got changed into a indigo Ralph Lauren polo shirt and his jeans we then raced each other down the stairs of cause he won and picked me up of the stairs and spun me round

” yuck put her down” Martha joked as she danced down the stairs to join us at the bottom. Leo put me down but still kept hold of my hand as we stood there just the five of us (Dexter, Naomi, Martha, Leo, and me) awaiting the arrival of my five older siblings.” Right were not going to go anywhere unless we hurry them up, Vicky get Vi and Eddie, Leo get Felix, Martha  get Liza and Carla“

I was wary about going into their room you never know what you’re going to find, so I knocked on the door “yea two seconds” violets sweet high pitched voice echoed through the door. Two seconds later violet closely followed by Edmund walked out “come on lets go “ violet suggested taking my hand and taking me down the stairs I love being the baby of the family you get taken care of by everyone but then again you don’t really get treated like an adult so it has it’s down sides. When we returned down stairs Leo was back with Felix and they were talking until the moment we came into sight and they shut up immediately.  “Now we’re only waiting for Martha, Carla and Eliza Martha, Carla, Eliza get you have 2 seconds to get down here before we drag you down in whatever states your in.” exclaimed Dexter. “You will have to give me longer than 2 seconds I still have to do my hair” bellowed Eliza from her furthest away room.

“well please do enlighten us with what you have been doing for the last twenty minutes because I think we’re all struggling to work it out down here” Naomi joked. One minute later Eliza, Carla and Martha came running down the stairs Eliza had makeup on to go hunting which made us all laugh “you do know that we are going hunting not on a date, right Eliza?” Leo laughed with the rest of us Eliza glared at him then said “Yes I do know that.”  Eliza snapped at Leo “okay you two! But he does have a point Eliza the make-up is a little o.t.t. but can we go now please” dex followed. We all jumped into the cars boys in one car girls in the other two cars. Drove to our local sea were we went diving for are food every week. We all went diving in simultaneously. As the refreshing water covered every inch of my body my eyes readjusted to seeing in water, turning everything from blurry to crystal clear.

As this most glorious red bellied piranha swam right in front of me just when I was about to imprison it as my prey Eliza rapidly snatched it from me I growled at her as she swam away. Luckily a small black elephant seal swam passed so immediately I snatched it for I was not going to let someone else snatch this exquisite beast this time.

So after I finished my elephant seal I got out and waited for the others to finish. I saw the most bizarre silhouette coming around me I swiftly turned around to see the strangest sight... There was nothing there. I put it down to my eyes readjusting to the open air instead of water. “Vicky” I jumped and turned around to face Naomi. “Vicky, what’s up, what happened” she questioned

“Oh I thought I saw the bizarre silhouette but there was nothing there when I turned around and nothing could have got away that quickly.” As I was explaining what in thought I saw Martha got out and joined us. “So what do you think it was?” Martha enquired

“Well it looked big really big and wide but I think it was just my eyes readjusting to the air.” I answered describing the silhouette that I saw behind me before it disappeared “but your okay, nothing happened“ Naomi asked concerned as she stroked my cheek. ”yea nothing happened “I replied hiding the fact that I felt something that I haven’t for over 100 years, I felt scared I always knew what was going on and that’s what disturbed me that in this instant I didn’t but I couldn’t tell them that with my ability to rewind and pause time I should have gone back straight away but I was too worried to even think about that.

 As Naomi was worried about me and wanted to leave as quickly as possible. So she dived back in and left me with Martha. “Are you sure that your okay I mean you look really shocked I have never seen you like this you look terrified” as she tried to comfort me and failed badly really badly.”  Yea just a little shaken up I mean I can’t believe that someone or something got passed me and I don’t know what it is or who it was and that’s freaking me out like a lot” I confided in her because she would never tell the others. Within 5minutes all the others were out and had all been debriefed on what had happened. Leo was the last out and came running out the water towards me and grab me and pulled me in his arms, he kissed my check “are you okay Dexter told me what happened mentally you know I got back as soon as I could “he stated sounding even more scared then I was and started fretting over me for a few seconds while I pull myself together to say I was okay to stop him stressing over me. “I’m okay I promise I only thought I saw this silhouette I might not have...” I tried to reassure them but could not lie to them.


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