secrets of dreams

As Victoria and her family leave LA and move to Ellesmere Port various events take place that tears her world apart


2. the last day

When we returned to our house were our adopted parents, Dexter and Naomi were packing all of our stuff up ready for us all to move to Ellesmere Port a remote area in the middle of Liverpool and Manchester. Just a few minutes after we arrived our other sibling’s Martha, Eliza and Leo arrived. When we went upstairs we found our parents in Martha’s room, Martha is the eldest and so looks after us all when Dexter or Naomi isn’t around. “how was school” Naomi’s enigmatic voice sung as Dexter put his arm around her and kissed the top of her head, for parents of 9 immortal teenage vampires they always seemed to be so intrigued in are school day possibly because they thought it was quite funny to hear us all say how ridiculous school was since we knew everything we could know after going to school for 115 years. After a minute violet chirped up “oh, you know same old drivel about”, ”Shakespeare” Edmund jumped in on her purposely because he knew that it winds her up big time. As I was thinking about how much I was going to miss this place when aloud  crash brought my attention right back to the room were violet had just struck  Edmund  for jumping in on her.”Ouch” Edmund said sarcastically and gave her a peck on the cheek. “Doesn’t mean I forgive you” then a smile went across her face “see you can’t stay mad at me forever can you” Edmund chirped down her ear and put his arm around her back and pulled her towards him.”I can, if you want I could start practicing now”

“that won’t be necessary, babe” there was a deadly silence for a minute or two and then Dexter said “were going hunting in twenty minutes , so go and get changed”. We all scattered Leo and I headed towards our room “so I can’t believe were going tomorrow it doesn’t seem like we have been here for five years what do you think?” Leo turned and started to stare at me “Vicky” he said as he pushed my side fringe behind my ear “what’s the matter”

”nothing “I said forcing myself to smile make it look like nothing’s wrong but of cause Leo can read me like a book “I know something’s wrong now tell me or I’ll have to tickle you to death.”

“okay I don’t like  moving I hate being the freaky new kids and it’s the middle of the year and none of you are in my class this time so I’ll be all alone , and it’s horrible when they find out were all together like together, together” he  pulled me close and hugged me,

“You’ll be fine if anyone touches you they will have eight other people to get passed and we are all older than them so they will be terrified” a smirk ran across my face as I pictured this little year seven terrified of my family. I found it hilarious because I knew that my family would not harm anyone as we are vegetarian vampires.

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