secrets of dreams

As Victoria and her family leave LA and move to Ellesmere Port various events take place that tears her world apart


7. the introductions

“So if we start with the youngest Victoria your 14 am I correct” he checked as I nodded “good, so you’re in 9r you form tutor is Mrs. Nichols you’re in C block and it’s C19 and your head of year is ms windon she is waiting outside for you hope you do well here” as I stood up he extended his hand for me to shake I reached mine out apprehensively. Then he pointed me towards the door dex stood up walked me to the door “right well see you at home at 3:30 you’ll be fine” he stated as he kissed me on the cheek. A few of the sixth formers laughed as soon as I looked at them they stopped laughing as if I had cast a spell on them. “Hi there, you must be Victoria?” this tall pretty lady with shortish brown hair and big brown eyes that you could get lost in queried “emm yes but I prefer Vicky just Vicky” I contradicted I added a smile so I did make it sound like I was being rude “oh okay then Vicky if you would like to follow me and I’ll take you to my office and then to your form room” she informed me as she walked towards a set of dull looking brown doors.

When we entered her office she seemed to have a picture Mr. Faldron and her in a silver picture frame situated above her laptop she seemed to notice me looking at it and said “you’ll find out soon anyway me and Mr. Faldron are married it’s common knowledge that we are so you might as well know now “. She confessed “oh emm okay, emm miss how do I know what lessons I’ve got and when I’ve got them?”

“Well Vicky I’m guessing that you’re middle names are Jacqueline, Amelia, Annabel and Anastasia? Wow you have a lot of middle names don’t you?” she stated her face shocked.

“Well my older sister Martha has five middle names and yes they are all my middle names. I answered her.

“well this is your time table, progress planner and lunch card you used this for your lunch and to get a laptop out of the library and to take a book out , now have you got all that?”I nodded

” Good now I will take you up to your form room and if you need any further information or just need to talk I’m always here and my door is always open. “Okay? Good.” As I followed her up the stairs I started to feel apprehensive and nervous! ”here you are this is you’re form room” I was amazed to see that as soon as she walked in everyone stood up straight away “thank you everyone as you know there is a new girl joining you form today she’s called Victoria and has arrived from Colorado please make her feel welcome to our school community” she said pulling me in the class room  I tried to hide behind my hair putting my side fringe in front of  my left eye and pulled my hair over my right shoulder” Mia, scarlet can I speak to you outside please, Vicky you can sit here”  the teachers nodded at each other. I took the seat miss guided me to. “So Vitoria what was it like in Colorado? I’m guessing that’s America right “this skinny looking boy with black hair asked with a smirk on his face “emm yea that’s in America and it’s pretty good warm sunny most of the time unlike here there was stunning views out of our balcony which we used to look at when we woke up” I paused realising what I had just said” so what were the views of I mean like was it just trees” a girl with bleached blond hair and completely rubbish make-up” no it was of the rocky mountains it’s one of the most major mountainous regions of the USA.”  I stated putting on my best American accent I think they bought it but I wasn’t sure so I just stayed quiet and kept hiding behind my long ginger hair.

The two girls who miss windon had taken out of the class came back in and sat on either side of me “hi I’m scarlet nice to meet you” a tall girl with red hair yes red I took a double take just to make sure it wasn’t just a dark ginger she sat on my right hand side while a small blond haired girl sat on my left and shortly after her said” and I’m mia” her pretty face lit up with a wide smile her bright blue eyes glistened “ Hiya I’m Victoria but call me Vicky”  I replied.

“Well where have you just moved from Vicky?” the blond haired girl smiled!

“Emm Colorado that’s central western America the black haired boy didn’t know. Sorry I didn’t catch your name” I quizzed the black haired boy

“Will, Vicky!” he joked giving me a cheeky smile as he laughed along with five more boys in the class” well Will you obviously don’t pay attention in geography then do you otherwise you would have known where Vicky has moved from wouldn’t you?” Scarlet sarcastically gave a quick firing retort to stick up for me will looked at her and said “babe come on you didn’t need to do that to me did you?” he smiled at her

“If you haven’t guessed Will and Scarlet are going out” she said with a jealous twang in her voice.”  Err yea I guessed”   saved out of this weirdness by the equally annoying sound of the ringing bell “what do you have first Vicky?”  Mia quizzed

“Maths with Mr. Snide in c7” I grunted as I have always hated maths

“Oh poor you he’s horrendous he keeps the whole class back for about 10 minutes every lesson so you’re in for a laugh “scarlet butted in after running down the corridor to meet us.” Well I’m in your set so you can sit with me if sir allows” mia stated wearily as we waited people started to queue up behind and in front of  us none of them seemed pleased that they had maths first thing on a Monday morning. Then this small blond haired girl with blue streaks walked up behind us quietly “hey is that the new girl?”  She whispered however my vampire hearing picked it up so the whispering was futile not that she knew that or anything “Emma, this is Victoria but she prefers Vicky, Vicky this is Emma she’s in M “mia introduced us

“Hi, Vicky which school did you transfers from?” Emma inquisitively quizzed me “emm the rock mountain high school Colorado the best and only soccer six time champions.” I stated with a smile.” So were you like a footballer’s girlfriend or summin what she’s pretty enough?”  Answering to mia’s ‘will you shut up’ look that she was giving her.”  Err not quite I was the flyer in the cheerleading team and the captain but I was a bit of a nerd and my boyfriend was the striker on the soccer team and brothers were also in the team so yea I guess you were right!” I answered virtually every question I could think that she would ask me on the subject “so...”

“Come in class and sit in your normal seats please” he shouted across the classroom I was at the back of the line of students to enter” I’m Vicky blendon emm I mean Victoria, Jacqueline, Amelia, Annabel, Anastasia blendon that’s me!” I went quieter and quieter as I read out my full name and became louder again at the end.” Oh right I take it you prefer Vicky “he muttered”emm yea” trying to make my American ascent believable since his face looked like he could see right through me. “Well Vicky you and sit next to “his eyes scanned the room and fixed on a point next to an innocent looking girl who just smiled sweetly with her brown wavy hair tied up in a pony tail slicked back of her face. “You can go and sit next to Amy over there” he pointed at her. I edged well slithered really to the front of the class.

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