secrets of dreams

As Victoria and her family leave LA and move to Ellesmere Port various events take place that tears her world apart


6. the first day

“Why’s everyone staring?”  Carla asked stupidly as we in our black Audi R8 pulled up in to one of the free spaces in the car park! “Really Carls you can’t work it out?”   Edmund asked worriedly as Carla shook her head in disagreement “well we’ve only just moved here and we have two really expensive cars however I don’t think that’s it I think it’s the fact you the new kids. Again!”   Naomi laughed as she got out of the car and knocked on the Porsche to gesture for them to get out. While they were getting out we were deep in conversation about how the school looked “so I recon it’s gonnna be a push over we’ll  have this place obeying us by the end of the week .“  Violet said her voice shaking slightly as she spoke. A Bang came from my window when I turned around swiftly to see Leo offering his hand out for me to take when I got out the car. “I think we should get out now” Carla suggested.

As soon as I got out the car Leo took my hand  turn me round to face him as he mouthed ‘ are you okay’ I nodded lying as I felt apprehensive and scared a  feeling I hadn’t  felt in years. As we walked to the door Leo put his arm around my neck and pulled me towards him we were just about to walk through the door and in to the office when I noticed that Carla was standing outside staring at a blond haired boy surrounded by a group of boy and girls. ”come on Carls you might get to see him later if you’re lucky”   Leo joked as Carla came running toward us.” Sorry I thought I knew him from somewhere” she stated looking back at him as we walked in.


“Hello, how can I help you?”  A smiley blond haired woman asked as she leaned over the desk.”  oh hello, we have an appointment with the head  our children are starting this school today we’ve just moved from America” dex said putting his American accent on it was impressive to see the expression on her face as if to say I gathered. “Oh okay then please take a seat and I’ll check with Mr. Faldron!” she turned around and walked through the office and out of the door” right so do we take a seat?”  Edmund joked mimicking her voice. We all started laughing as a load of six formers walked in and just stared at us laughing. They opened the door and stood at the side while a youngish dark haired man walked in “good morning, Mr.  Blendon Mrs. Blendon and wow Carla, cedric, Edmund, Eliza, Felix, Leo, Martha, Victoria and violet.” He said reading our names of a sheet, ”so I heard you all have transferred from America oh and welcome to Ellesmere Port Catholic High School”  he said extending his arms. We followed him through the double doors were we ended up in a space with doors on all sides. “Through those doors there is the hall and then the cafeteria” he stated pointing towards them.


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