secrets of dreams

As Victoria and her family leave LA and move to Ellesmere Port various events take place that tears her world apart


5. the arrival

“What time are we supposed to be landing, and how long away is it” Carla said through a yawn cause she has just woken up I had not been able to sleep so spent all night talking to Martha.” We are supposed to be landing at 12:30 and it is now 12:15 so we should be there in the next fifteen minutes, okay.” Dex replied

“Who isn’t awake yet?” I queried

“I think its Naomi, Felix, Edmund, Violet and Eliza.” Martha answered “so basically it’s only you, me, dex, Leo and Carla that are awake?” I clarified.

“No “Edmund interrupted

“Violet and I are awake.”

“Well you never said or gave any indication that you were awake” I teased.

“Were we supposed to?”  Violet sniggered

“What time is it?” Naomi quizzed she had just woken up.

“Oh sorry, did we wake you, we didn’t mean to, we were just discussing when we were going to land and how long away it is?” violet seemed to be apologising a lot I don’t know why. ”oh it’s okay; I’m I really that scary that you have to apologise that much for waking me?” Naomi enquired.

“Well you are a ‘blood sucking vampire’ mother” violet replied sarcastically

‘We are approaching are descent please fasten your seat belt and do not unfasten it until the light goes of thank you. ‘The intercom was that loud the rest of the blendon’s were now awake and wondering why they had banging headaches.

 ‘ we have arrived in Manchester airport it is a chilly 9 degrees here don’t you                 just wish you were back in America enjoy your stay and thank you for fling with us.’

We made the long walk down the tunnel everyone around us was complaining about how cold it was (an upside of being a vampire you don’t feel the cold) the tunnel lead on to a corridor that seemed to go on for miles. We started to walk down the corridor when a security guard pointed us in the direction of immigration. “Dex can I have my passport” Eliza asked while looking in the mirror to make sure her makeup was alright. “Here Naomi, Leo, Felix, Martha, Victoria, violet, Edmund, Carla and Eliza “he called the names as he dished out the passports.

We arrived at arrivals to see cedric running up to us and before I knew it he had scooped me up in his arms and held me tightly as he twirled me around “I’ve missed you so much” he whispered in my ear. “I missed you to” I replied by the time I was finish he had  kissed me on my cheek  and dropped me back down on the floor and started laughing and put his hands up in the surrendering position I only realised why  when I turned around and saw Leo mouthing ‘she’s mine put her down’ jokingly to cedric. Eliza was the last on through the gate and as soon as she saw cedric she bounded up and hurtled herself into his arms he pulled her away and kissed her passionately. Edmund cleared his throat in protest but they still continued “excuse me pack it in please or at least don’t do it in public” we all chanted.


All the way to our new house Eliza talked and talked to cedric it was an hour and a half to our new house and she talked the whole way. Everyone in the car was so glad to see the house we all virtually jumped out of the car and ran in to the house. ”what’s up?”  Felix questioned when he got out of the blood red porch.

“Eliza talked for the whole way here” Martha sighed when she stepped out of our black Audi and headed towards the house hand in hand with Felix. ”which is our room” Leo asked with a cheeky grin

“Yea which rooms are we in “violet asks winking at Edmund

“Guys we do want the beds to be intact by the end of this week this time please” dex commented with a very serious face as the rest of us laughed “I’m being serious “

“Okay, okay, we get the message please don’t give us the sex talk again!”  Martha begged sarcastically.

“Right you horrible lot upstairs now and unpack. You’re up at six am tomorrow for school. You don’t want to be late on your first day.”


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