secrets of dreams

As Victoria and her family leave LA and move to Ellesmere Port various events take place that tears her world apart


10. smoky sunset

“Vic, you coming in the car with me?” Martha said pointing towards the white porche. ”emm well yea sure!”  I added walking up beside her and out of the gate with Felix on the other side. “Do we need to wait for the others? Or making their own way home?” Felix asked looking behind him for the others. “No I’m driving the porche and ur driving the Audi apparently.” She answered while waving the others over to us to explain to them what Dexter had told her minutes before they left this morning.

” Leo’s had to stay behind in geography. Apparently he has to do an assessment because his geography file didn’t come through. Rockies didn’t send it properly or something!” violet said walking up to us leaning on the cars to join us. “Oh great I just want to get out of this place as quickly as I can. This day’s been a nightmare.” I groaned as I turned around as half of my class walked passed. “Well how about i take you, violet, Eliza and cedric back and you three stay here and wait for him.” She said as Violet, Eliza and Cedric all started moaning i want to go home to. ”oh okay we’ll wait here.” Felix said as we jumped in to the white porche.

As soon as we got in the car Martha hit the radio on  when we had arrived here it was raining for once today it was actually sunny so we folded the roof down and hit the road waving goodbye to the three family members still waiting there.

When we got home Naomi had already go out to work so Dex was in the house alone. ”hey guys you home already?” his voice echoed through the house as he gracefully glided to a stop on top of the stairs.” No, it’s our ghosts come to haunt you.”  Edmund joked at him as Dex slapped him across the back of the head gently. “So how was it?”  Dexter asked as the rest of them pulled up the dive.” Oh it was awful!”


“Horrendous!” we all chanted at the same time over each other.

“So it was that good then!” Dex laughed down at us enigmatically. As the sound of the engine of the black Audi stopped.” So has Naomi gone out to work or are you just hiding her somewhere?” I quizzed jokingly as the front door swung open behind us. “Yea she’s gone to work she’ll be back at 8pm” dex followed still standing on the bridge in between the sets of stairs as he looked down on us as Leo came up behind me and put his arms around my neck and kissed the top of my head. “Can you lot go and unpack some of your things that are still in boxes please.”  Going of the opposite side to the one he entered from. “Right well emm which sides my room I’ve forgotten?” Carla quizzed at the bottom of the stairs looking up at the rest of us who were already half way up the stairs. we all started laughing ”it’s this way carls!” Leo guided her to follow us over to the right side. As we walked past the second door” now you do know that the next door is your room right Carls?”  i joked, she didn’t look impressed and looked at me “ that’s not funny!”  She snapped as she walked into her room.” Hey carls i was only joking i didn’t mean it!” i shouted through the door at her hoping she would hear me. ”come on” Leo said pulling me towards our room. “She knows that you were only joking wiv her!”  Using his ability to see threw anything to reassure me. I swung the door open and immediately walked in to a cardboard boxes everywhere.” I take it the rest of our stuff came then!” i observantly stated amazed by who much stuff we really had.” What would give u that idea?” Leo said sarcastically.” How are we supposed to get anywhere in here?” i asked getting annoyed all i wanted to do after the day i had was curled up in bed pull the duvet over my head and pretend i didn’t exist. “well then we need to start unpacking then don’t we.” He said sarcastically laughing at my frustration as he said it. So i opened the first box to find a small detailed box when i opened it i found a small golden ring with three black diamonds and two white diamonds. ”is  this yours?” i asked shocked as he turned around his face said it all as he toke the box out of my hand and glared at it amazed at its beauty “ no why?” he said finally picking his head up and looking directly at me “ because i found it in one of our boxes!”  At that moment Felix burst in threw the door “who is it?” Leo said sarcastically turning round. “Oh good you weren’t doing anything, and I’ll take that thanks.” He spoke quickly and nervously snatching the box out of Leo’s hands. “Hey is that yours?” i said stopping Felix from leaving without explaining. He turned around Eliza had been ear wigging in the window and used her power of being able to make anything move at her will.

” Spill.” She shouted excitedly as she jumped through the open window landing in on boxes” sorry, nothings broken” she said looking in at the stuff. After standing back up, looking him straight in the eye she repeated her question “what/ who is it for and what do you plan on doing with it?”  Felix just glared at her before trying to turn naturally it was impossible to break Eliza so he gave up and told us” well I’m planning on asking Martha to marry me!” as he slapped his hand over my  mouth before I could scream.



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