secrets of dreams

As Victoria and her family leave LA and move to Ellesmere Port various events take place that tears her world apart


8. morning glory

Maths seemed to drag on for hours. “Hey what have you got next?”  Will asked. “Oh I’m in games I think, emm what games are?”  I asked sounding stupid when I asked “ really you don’t  know what games is “ he asked as we walked out of the door as I shock my head” oh well it’s sport basically” he said shocked                

“Oh right so basically it’s what we would call PE then, right?”  I asked understanding a little more now. “Yea but we have PE as well.”  Our conversation came to a halt as scarlet ran up to us.” Hey do you want to partner up with me in basketball?”  She asked nervously

“Yea sure “I answered. We had to line up outside everyone was talking I felt a familiar presence behind me but I couldn’t say who it was when I turned around I was shocked at what I saw....

“Leo” I shrieked as I jumped on him to hug him. I could feel everyone’s eyes like lasers shredding us to pieces. “Hey what with the over enthusiast hugging? Not that I don’t like it!” he whispered jokingly clinging on to me or was I clinging on to him I couldn’t tell. “I’m just shocked to see you I thought that everyone was separated. But if your here in my year then where’s violet and Edmund, Eliza, Carla...” I stuttered.

“Maybe you should let go” he stated noticing that everyone was staring at us. I slowly pealed myself of him; “sorry” I whispered looking into his eyes getting lost in time “well” Leo started to speak brought me back to looking at his face and out of his eyes.” Well Eliza is in K so she is in our year she’s with Carla so to speak because Carla’s in J so it’s like you’re in R and I’m in M. It’s the same thing kinda. And Edmund and violet are in year 10 violets in M and Edmund is in T.” He explained as the teachers walked out and stood at the top of the mob “three straight lines please!” a pretty women with dyed blond hair wearing shorts and a t-shirt stood at the top of the girls. “Come on we’re over here” scarlet pulled me away from the space were me and Leo were just talking.” He’s cute “   a girl with black hair said to me and scarlet pointing at Leo.” How do you know him? Is he your brother or something?”  She asked inquisitively.

“Well kinda and not really if you get what I mean?” I stated as she looked at me weirdly.” So you’re like his step sister or something?”  

“Well not really he’s technically my adopted brother, but he’s more than that said crazily “so like do u think that I would have like a chance with him?”

“No he’s already going out with someone.” I said keeping it vague and hoping she wouldn’t ask who but inevitably she did “it’s a girl he has been going out with in America.” Making sure not to mention any names while we were getting changed. It was a weird sensation to know that everyone is looking at you getting changed. When miss read out my name first everyone started whispering (a down side of being a vampire you have exceptional hearing so I heard every conversation about me at once, major headache).”okay Victoria or do you prefer Vicky?” the teacher asked me I felt her warm and kind nature filling the room.” I prefer Vicky miss!” I said nicely.

“You’re on basketball with me this term, okay.” She stated.

“right basketballers down in the sports hall  and hockey players out on the field” everyone stood up sharp I decided I better follow them so I follow half a second after them .”Dismissed” she shouted I had to rethink just to remind myself that I wasn’t in the army. Scarlet grabbed my arm and dragged me towards the door eagerly.” So do you do P.E with the boys here?” I questioned “yea usually in games but not in PE.” She laughed as will came passed and kissed her on the cheek. “Hey Vicky.” He smirked at me and then took scarlet of to one side while putting his indents finger up at me to signal one moment. Suddenly everything went black...a slow gust of air blew on my neck slowly, a face brushed past my ear, their lips ended up virtually touching my ear as “guess who?” whispered down my ear their slow harmonising deep voice was easy to recognise.” Leo” I stated unsurprised as I turned around to see his red and black stripped reversible top with black shorts “wow, sexy, I prefer the lobos kit” I commented taking the whole outfit in as he took in mine    ” well you can talk it’s a bit different from your lobo cheerleading outfit” he stated looking at my plain white top and navy blue shorts.” In!”  This tall thin man who came behind us shouted as everyone filed in to the sports hall.  It was a spacious room with an awful echo that made you feel sick at the sound of the metal grate being lifted up and revelling a stock cupboard with basketballs, tabards, netballs, badminton nets and netball posts in. “Girls go in and get a basketball size 5 or 6.”  Miss ridge ordered while laughing. We walked in scarlet threw me a size 6 ball with the one second warning before it hit me of `Vicky` she was then surprised when I caught it “wow your reactions are great mine are rubbish I’m always dropping things and I can’t catch to save my life” she sighed as we walked out in to the noisy main part of the sports hall.  “Shall we have the new people as the captains of the teams?” the tall browns haired man gestured for us to come out and stand in front of everyone. When we were standing at the front we quizzed” you do know how to play basketball don’t you?” he looked at us weirdly like we really didn’t know how to play basketball “yea we know how to play basketball” Leo stated sarcastically when he then looked at me I give him the look of would you stop that.” Well then pick your teams, if you don’t know people’s names just point at them and they will say their name so you will get to know them.”  He stated laughing at miss ridge. After we picked team sir announced that Leo and I were captains of our teams. So as captains we were having to mark each other “is that a problem” miss ridge asked as Leo started to laugh” nope there is no problem what so ever.” He smirked. We both organised our teams and set them out right, we then made our way to the centre circle.” Right when I throw it up in the air you jump and catch it the first one to catch it is the person who starts.”  He shouted as he threw the ball up in the air. An almighty banging smashing crashing shooting sound came as Leo toppled into me and we ended up on the floor watching the world turning slowly round as everyone ran in slow motion as they came to see if we were okay “you okay?” Leo whispered down my ear before everyone crowded round us “yea you?”  He nodded in reply before we both started laughing as we recalled what had just happened in our heads” oh my god are you two okay?” miss ridge and Mr. Salt peered over us in disbelief and concern “oh my god miss I think Vicky’s broke her leg look” will shrieked in an amusing high pitched voice “oh know I’m fine honestly.”  I tried to convince them while pushing the two ends of my broken bone back together so they would  fuse back in to place while pushing the skin back together, trying to be inconspicuous. ”see I haven’t broken my leg I said revelling my bare shin with no mark on it what so ever. Leo helped me up and we started again “ sorry” he giggled at me rearranging my hair after it got messed up during the accident “right shall we try and start this again without people getting hurt and falling on top of each other shall we” Mr. Salt said throwing the ball up in the air. As the game went on it was impossible to tell which team would win. As we both ordered our team around the court by the numbers on their bibs if we didn’t know their names. “Vicky!” scarlet shouted as the ball got flung my way as I caught it I was cornered .turn and flip I said in my head as I followed the instructions dex had given me the first time I had played basketball to everyone else and my own shock it went in without hitting the backboard. “Emm hello what was that?” will came over and stated at me. “It was something my adopted father taught me years ago it’s quite easy to be honest when you know how to do it!” I exclaimed. He looked at me weirdly

“Well that’s the full court shot it’s the most difficult move in a basketball game only a very good professional basket ball player with loads of training can do that move! Is your adopted dad like a pro basketball player or summin?” he quizzed. As I laughed at the thought of dex being a basketball played. “No he is ex military.” I said as will went silent as if he was lost for words. Just gave me the look of `oh sorry`. “So what does your adopted mum do?” will said quickly to break the tension.  “She’s an ex military paramedic and is now just a normal paramedic” I said repeating the story dex told us to say if anyone asked. “I’m guessing they met in the army?” he asked jokingly as we walked in to get changed “emm yea!” I said walkingup the stairs after scarlet.

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