secrets of dreams

As Victoria and her family leave LA and move to Ellesmere Port various events take place that tears her world apart


1. preface

As I prepared to move to leave the life I created behind me and start again, I couldn’t help but wonder why I had chosen this, why I let this happen. Of course I couldn’t complain too much I did love this life, however I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to grow old, grow up, go to university, but of course I would never know. I was trapped in this 14 year olds body while I myself was 119 years old. “Vic” shouted Felix. Felix was my older brother he wasn’t actually related to me but we live together and have the same adopted parents. As we got in to the car to drive away from school for the last time Carla my older sister who sat next to me wept all four of us Felix ‘driving’ violet who sat next to him in the passenger seat who was older than me but by only a year, Edmund who was the middle child sat on the other side of me. And I Victoria blendon the youngest of the blendon’s all started laughing!

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