I am the real life Frankenstein-The monster you have created.

About a girl that get's bullied at school and cannot escape from it. To deal with it she sleeps her life away and dreams about the day her torture ends and how the bullies will suffer as she did. She wants to take revenge on them and does not realise how vindictive her thoughts are turning. She is becoming a monster and is getting addicted to the pleasure of putting others in pain. Will she know when to stop?


2. Clear for all to see

Your words are vindictive

You pick on me out of spite

I wish you would drop dead

Get the fuck out my life

Your twisted and deceitful

You won't treat me like an equal

You think your cunning

But you will get your up and running's

Karmas a bitch

And she bites real hard

Take a look at me now


I'm emotionally scarred




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