body or essence

Competition entry for Adam and Jodie's "Ultimate Competition" xD
Warning - Got violence and mentions gay relationships.

I may also make this into an anthology over the summer.


1. -


Francois lies before him, naked, an intricate lattice of duct tape and revealed flesh.


The camera behind Seth was linked directly to Youtube, the live feed shocking the viewers. As of yet, there were only a few hundred, but soon there would be millions. Seth was hidden by an old Venetian doctor’s mask, the thing tattered and wet from his tears and anger. Every now and then Seth put his head in his hands, sobbing and pulling at the mask. A part of him wanted to reveal himself, as a big “fuck you” to his perfect family, and perfect friends.

not yet, not yet.

The voices in his mind were fighting again, and it wasn’t pretty.

“Please Seth, just tell me what I’ve done, I’ll give you anything you want…” The poor beaten and tied up boy was pleading, and of course he would. He had his fame, he had his girlfriend, his money. What did Seth have?

“Be quiet!” Seth yelled, his voice breaking slightly. He kicked Francois in the belly, the tender skin buckling under the force. Francois coughed, his broken and bruised chest heaving. He puked a little, the acid burning his throat. It brought back a memory, and Seth began to think, the images caressing his consciousness.


Francois was sick, Seth leant over him, making sure he did not fall. Francois wiped his mouth, and stood slowly. They wandered back to the bedroom, where Francois climbed into bed, and Seth picked up a book, sitting in a chair opposite.

“Thank you so much for looking after me, anything you want you can have, ugh I feel so shit…” Francois groaned.

“You shouldn’t offer me things when you’re sick. You might not remember, and then regret it.” Seth smiled.

“I don’t care… I’m gonna feel crap if you get it too though.”

“Then it’ll be your turn to look after me. So, anything, anything at all?” Seth raised an eyebrow. He had several things in mind, but dare he risk it…? He’d wanted Francois for as long as he’d known him. Was now really the time to show him? If he refused… He might not remember. And it wouldn’t ruin their friendship. The only thing Seth had left.

“Yeah sure…” Francois closed his eyes, as Seth stood quietly, and knelt on the bed. He slid his hands under the covers, and reached… there. “SHIT, what the fuck?” Francois shouted, and Seth withdrew. “What the hell where you doing?”

“Nothing…” Seth bit back the tears.

“Jeez… I meant… like money or some shit, not… oh god. Seth, is that really what you want?”

“Just, forget it. I don’t care. I’m sorry.”


Francois did remember, but it didn’t change them. They never spoke of it.


Seth knelt in front of the camera, which was trained on Francois’ dishevelled figure on the floor.

“I’d just liked to say, this is not the result of some fucked up criminal living in the outskirts of fucking nowhere, I’m someone very close to you all. You’ve all heard of Francois, the world known artist and movie producer, and you’ve all heard of me. But don’t fret yet. You’ll know who I am by the end.” Seth turned from the camera, and spoke to Francois. “You want to know what this is about?”

“Yes… please… I’ll do all I can to fix it.” Francois murmured, watching.

“You had every fucking thing you wanted. You got your talents, your sluts, and a family that was behind you every step of the way, even holding your hand when you crapped all over them. I make one fucking mistake, and I was disowned. My own mother paid some bitch to come kill me. All because I didn’t fit in with their perfect little life style. Then, you seemed to like me. You were my friend for seven years. I started to like you more and more, then I couldn’t contain it. You had to know.” “You… you loved me?” Francois looked up at him. “But Seth…”

“DON’T SAY MY NAME!” Seth yelled, bringing his fists down on Francois’ head.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Those two words, repeated over and over again, in Francois’ sweet, innocent little voice broke something inside Seth. “Please, I just… I’ll do anything.!

“You will love me?” Seth murmured. The mask was hot and stifling, all this talking was doing no good. He turned his back to the camera, and lifted the mask up. This would kill the audience. They wanted to know who he was…. Seth had limited time. He knew the FBI or police or any authorities would be tracking him right now. It was only a matter of-

“Yes. I’ll love you.” Francois insisted.

“You’d let me fuck you when I wanted, and live with me, and never hurt me?” Seth smirked.

“Yes, anything just please…”

“LIAR!” Seth screamed. “You’re a filthy liar, and don’t I know it! You cheated on your sluts enough times, why would I trust you?”

“Then kill me, and get it over with!” Francois shouted back, sobbing uncontrollably. “Maybe I will.” Seth stood, put the mask back on, and went and got Francois’ hunting knife. He quickly ran back, and stood over Francois. “I love you… so goddamn much.”


There was a bang, lots of smashing and shouting as officers piled into the old abandoned house. Seth slammed the knife into Francois’ chest, the blood spilling over the broken tiles and weeds. Seth was crying, he could feel the hot burning tears. He ripped off the mask and leant to kiss his lips.

“I could have loved you too.” Francois whispered. “I know.” Seth nodded. He pulled the knife out, and brought it down, into his friend’s neck.

“PUT THE KNIFE DOWN OR I WILL SHOOT!” The officer demanded. Seth threw the knife, laying down next to Francois. He touched his face, his hair and the holes in his neck and chest before an officer grabbed his arms and ripped him away from the body, that was slowly pouring out its essence. 

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