5th Attempt

Emotional tale about a suicidal girl and a traveler. I will keep uploading new chapters so stay tuned! ;)


1. Emily

I look down and a shiver runs down my spine. After this comes the gagging and reality of what I'm about to do. My feet slip around on the crumbling bridge I'm standing on, clinging on desperately for balance. Every worry I had disappears until only one remains- my fear of death.  I try to block it out and think of why I am here on the side of this lonely bridge and listen to the quiet trickle of the water running underneath it:
My parents do not love me. 
I have never had what people call friends. 
I am ugly and fat and eat too much. 
My Bulimia is taking over my life. 
But all these reasons are still overpowered. 

I have tried many different ways:
Starving myself
Stabbing myself
Choking myself
Hanging myself
But always at the last moment the fear kicks in -my palms start to sweat uncontrollably, my hair rises, my throat closes and then the contents of my latest snack attack stain the floor. 
My newest method- jumping of a bridge is still not working. I still can't but help looking over at the large gap between me and the stream. I say over and over in my head 'this method will work, this method will work.' 
And maybe it was my determination or my worries pulsing through my head- but this time it worked. 
At last all my greatest fears I can forget about. And, I am just moments  away from letting everything go when I see the blur of movement hauling me out of the water. Again my suicide attempt fails to succeed but this time it's not me that stops it, it is a lonely traveler.  
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