I wanted to call it a thriller/horror but also with some romance. Couldn't find that category so other will have to do. I have high hopes for this story but please read and include as much critism as your heart desires. I promise not to be upset by it as long as you promise to be fair. I do not want any homophobic comments, if you don't like the subjects mentioned here, then don't read.


3. Popular Like Me

"That really hurt." The words filled with self pity brought me back to my sad version of reality. I turned to Rebecca who was staring at me over our packed lunches, a look of exaggerated pain on her face as she held her arm where my bag had hit her.

"It can't have hurt that much," I muttered, looking down at my sandwiches.

"And what was wrong with you in RE? You love RE!" She seemed to study me for a second. We told each other everything, always had and so I've thought always would. Until now anyway.

"Nothing. I feel a bit sick." The lie came out almost automatically as I pushed my food away. I never lie, especially not to Rebecca. Her hands clasped mine. I looked up at her and she smiled brightly.

"You can tell me anything, right?" The guilt seemed to fall on me like a ton of bricks and I opened my mouth to tell her about Wednesday. About the girl who had taken my breath away. About the girl who I'd seen only once. About the girl who it was wrong to like ... Because I was a girl too. I would have told her all these things. Until that girl walked into the room.

Rebecca followed my eyes, spotting her. I could now see her more clearly. The clothes made her make up and jewellery somewhat dull in comparison. Her blazer was customised and she had badges pinned down one side, all different colours. You could see a black top underneath her blazer instead of the regulation school blouses. The top underneath was tight and seemed too short for her, stopping at her stomach, which was white pale like her face. The other girls at school were tanned and took pride in their make up, which made them look like flawless models. Yet the paleness suited her. And in the middle of her belly button was a ... A ring! A belly button ring, which had a jewel in it. It caught the light every now and then, fixating me. At our school, the blazer and blouse were compulsory but you could wear whatever you wanted on your bottom half. Her bottom half was the only normal part of her. Small denim shorts, like the other girls wore. But her legs were also pale and long, seemingly stretching on forever. The strong muscles of her legs led to her shoes, large trainers, ruby red with purple stars on. I started to look back at her face to see if the stars matched the colour of her eyes when Rebecca spoke. Unwillingly I tore my eyes away from her.

"Pardon?" Rebecca looked annoyed that she had to repeat herself but just rolled her eyes and spoke louder, "Who does that girl think she is?!"

"Shhh! She might hear you!" I hissed at her but when I looked over her shoulder at where Wednesday had been standing, a clump of boys stood there instead. And near the middle of them, I could see two twinkles of Indigo eyes and dirty blond hair facing towards me.

"She heard you!" I looked away quickly, staring at the table instead of Rebecca or Wednesday.

"So what?! Have you seen what she's wearing!" Her voice seemed to be getting louder. I could feel my cheeks blushing a deep beetroot colour as she spoke.

"I like what she's wearing," I murmured to myself, not daring to be any louder in case Rebecca heard and tried to argue with me. We sat in stoney silence throughout most of lunch as Rebecca ate and I just stared at the table, occasionally glancing up at the gaggle of boys which had now moved over to the 'popular table' where they seemed to throw themselves at Wednesday, making fools of themselves. Wednesday simply sat and laughed at them, smiling and sometimes speaking. The popular girls seemed to be giving her a wide berth, looking over now and then, staring and whispering amongst themselves.

It was only when Wednesday stood up and walked towards the door that most of the lunch hall seemed to get up and do the same. The boys were almost falling over themselves to follow her and the popular girls formed a small huddle and followed the boys. As her long legs propelled her forwards towards the exit, Wednesday's eyes caught mine and the Indigo pools rolled like marbles within their perfect white prison. It was automatic and perfectly done as if rehearsed. She pulled a silly smirk, her pink lips to one side, looking at the boys then looking back at me. I only just had time to register this before she stepped out of the door, my eyes lastly falling on the pockets of her shorts, where her hands were rested, a deep blue nail varnish coating her long nails, the small palms facing towards me. And with that she was gone, leaving everyone else in her wake.

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