Lust For Love

Based on Damon's character from The Vampire Diaries this is something I decided to write in a spur of the moment. Ivy is a small-town girl with a big secret that has been following her for ten years. But holding a grudge has never been easy for her. Not when love rolls into the equation.


1. Prologue


His unusually pale skin glowed in the moonlight and his hair tousled gently in the breeze. Upon realising this, I shivered and took a wary step back from the window. He was standing solemnly against the curtain, shadowed by the night, his outline the only indication of any humanity I could see in him. Of course, I would be wrong to think that he was human. His confident stance told me he was more superior than any other species this world had to offer. He was stronger. He was faster. He was the world’s most lethal predator and yet he was standing right here, not even two feet away from me.

                  He was a vampire.

                  “Hello,” came the hungry voice I had been expecting. I could almost hear the venom slithering off his tongue and I cringed at the thought.

                  “What do you want?” I asked, turning and pulling back the covers on my bed.

                  The vampire laughed and took two long strides across the room until he was hovering right above me; so close, I could feel his breath prickling over my skin. “Don’t look so afraid,” he teased, knowing with certainty that I wasn’t bothered in the slightest. “I came as...a surprise.”

                  Considering the circumstances you’re probably wondering why I haven’t screamed and found a stake yet. Well that’s because encountering a vampire isn’t as unusual for me as it would be for any other normal human. Fact is, I’m not a normal human – not in the mental sense at least. I was seven years old when I witnessed a vampire murder a man and the scene has haunted me ever since. I watched as he broke his neck, a swift and subtle movement but fatal nonetheless. The man had tried to follow me for reasons I daren’t try to think of, but was caught in the path of the vampire. Perhaps I saw too much. Perhaps I was a threat to his secret. Either way, the vampire has been following me for ten years.

                  I tried to wriggle from beneath his stone-like body but Damon’s hands kept me firmly in place. Escape was impossible.

“I got bored at the bar,” he told me, the same old sarcasm floating in his voice. His hands trailed along my thighs, lingering at the hem of my nightdress with unnecessary patience. “I needed entertainment and I thought of you.”

                  “I’m not a game for you to come back and play with whenever you feel like it,” I hissed, trying my best to ignore the distraction of his lips against my shoulder. His hands continued to play with the hem of my nightdress, pushing it further above my legs as he trailed kisses along my neck. He knew what he was doing to me and it was inevitable that I would give in and offer myself to him; I could already feel the anger leaving my body. “Don’t do this,” I pleaded.

                  “Why not? You’re just dying to get a piece of me.”

                  “No,” I breathed out. “I can’t do this.”

                  “But you never said you didn’t want to.”

                  Damon’s mouth found mine then, deterring any protest I was about to make. He kissed me hard and angrily, forcing me back against the bed. “Tell me you don’t want it,” he demanded. “Say the words and I’ll stop.”

                  But I couldn’t find them. My head was fuzzy with lust and frustration. Damon’s hands were all over me, tugging on my hair, caressing my body. The words rolled around my tongue, barely formulated and meaningless. “I don’t want it,” I gasped.

                  Damon froze immediately. I pushed him away and sat up against my pillow, breathing hard. “I won’t be your bit on the side, Damon. I know you too well. Maybe there is a reason you’ve followed me for all these years. Maybe somewhere deep in that frozen heart of yours theres something you refuse to let out. But your physical affection means nothing without words.”

“Honey,” he said, rolling his eyes with sarcasm. “I’m a vampire. I don’t have feelings.”

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