Well read it and you will soon find out :D


1. Supraja


No, this isn’t my life story. It is in no way connected with it. Okay in a way it is part of my life, after all it is my name but I am not the main protagonist here. My name is… Yeah it is the tale of my name.


    Every girl yearns for a beautiful and unique name and so do I. But when I was born and had to be christened I suppose my parents felt lazy and gave the task to Grandpa. Yes it’s he who is the genius behind such a creative name (*sigh*).

    For those of you who don’t know, Supraja means a good girl/citizen/subject, i.e., a person who is simple, docile and paltry. Someone nondescript. A Plain Jane. It’s a name that fits me perfectly. Maybe that’s why I hate it so much.

    As a little girl I had endured lots of teasing because of my name. All the immature guys in my class forever were chanting the prayer from which my name origins. Hope God hadn’t listened to all those chants and counted it as their prayers. The girls were even worse. Silly girls shortened my name. They couldn’t have made it any more worse if they tried. All the while I was wishing ‘oh why god… why couldn’t my grandpa come up with something better. Something more fun and easier to live with. Something maybe like Priya, Anusha or even Anita.’

    But soon we all grew up and reached the 9th grade. The immature boys had matured, the silly girls became normal (or the very at least became tolerably silly) and I had become a stronger person. All those who taunted and tantalized turned into friends and life was, finally, enjoyable.

    Unfortunately our growth didn’t stop just there. We had to get to the age when we want boys to notice the girl in us rather than just see a friend. Someone then pointed out ‘think how lovely it would be to have a name that sounds so exotic and so different. None will ever forget such a name. A name that is one in thousands. Like the ones which the female protagonists have in fantasy novels’. Well pretty confident that my name was unique, after all no one I knew had the same name as me, I did a facebook search. The result was an endless list of people with whom I share my name. So here I am, back to square one, I absolutely hate my name. Now I’m wishing Grandpa had come up with something better. Something Hot or something Sexy.

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