those little things in life

just thinks that really get me annoyed;D bit moany but hey ho


2. Cocky people



Cocky People!



Dont get me started on cocky people. Have you ever seen those people in the mirror gazing at themselves, you can see it in their eyes saying 'oooh you do look handsome today' or 'woww your so beautiful' its just heartless, its ok it feel confident. Don't get me wrong confidence is a positive factor but there is a very fine line between confidence and arrogance. Now what really annoys me is those people who go over the confidence line...why would you do this?


How do you get anywhere in life, when all you do is compliment yourself half the time, yes its fine to care about what you look like , most people do but normally a quick check in the mirror, bit of makeup updating, yes fine. But not staring at yourself spending half your lunch time plastering on tonnes and tonnes of foundation and taking 50 odd pictures of you and your friends trying to look ''hot''. No not going to work.


There are so many insecure people



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