those little things in life

just thinks that really get me annoyed;D bit moany but hey ho


1. Teachers




A classic student moan, teachers. Don't get me wrong some teachers can be lovely, inspiring and kind and really good at teaching but others are not exactly that.


Firstly teachers ramble on about things that are key in life like 'organisation' exept I gave one of my teachers my memory stick with my 1500 essay on and then she didn't put it on her computer because she kept ''forgetting'' and then to make matters worse she lost it and i was without a memory stick for 2 odd weeks. And then they say we are UNORGANISED...the cheek of them!


Also another factor is the things they do for instance mobile phones are banned in most schools and if they go off EVEN IF THE TEACHER CAN'T SEE IT they HAVE to take it off you, expect during an assessment when their phone starts ringing on FULL BLAST they can just say 'ooh sorry' and then expect to get away with it. How unfair is that?


Thirdly their attitudes towards students i thought one main rule in school was to ''respect'' teachers exept why should we respect them if they dont return the action, for instance hearing teaching gossiping about students in the staffroom is a perfect example, is this really acceptable? NO i dont think so, infact i think it is very wrong...


so let teachers carry on going on about us being stupid students and loosing our work and then moaning at us for UNorganisation and then confiscating our mobile phones when theirs starts ringing in an exam!





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