Just my opinion on school. Might do it like a diary, depends how i feel tbh. First story so if its crap dont judge.


1. Introduction

I love school. School allows me to get away from the family. My family bores me, my mum and dad are annoying and now my 2 older sisters have gone to university the fun of the house seems to have taken a blow. I don't take school too seriously in all honesty. They say schools the time of your life. I think it can only be that way if you let it. I go to a shit comprehensive school in Telford called Charlton, which has the worst under age pregnancy rate in Britain and is the least 'godliest'. I think you can tell what kind of place it is. Anyway, you walk down the tiny corridors which are far too small for 1, 200 students and you see Year 11s mocking the Year 7s. People pushing, taking the piss but you gotta be strong enough to deal with the dickheads like that. They say an insult, you just laugh it off. Its not like i get bullied or anything far from it but even a bit of banter with your mates can sometimes hurt i guess. Mind you, I'm a 14 year old lad, it doesn't hurt me. You just come back at them with something better. It's how it works. In a girls mind though, just one sly bitchy comment in the changing rooms can penetrate their heart and sting for days. I know this because i have a girl mate (who i dont want to name) who tells me all this stuff. She's beautiful but so self conscious when she doesnt need to be. I've fancied her for a couple of years on and off and vice versa but nothings ever happened. She has a boyfriend now but we'll get onto that. Shes probably the closest person to me but my best mates are Andy Thornton and Luke Murray. Together, we are probably the most anoying people in our year. Our jokes are so stupid and some of them are only things we would get but they make me laugh endlessly and they make school worth going to in fairness. We aren't popular but we aren't uncool. Somewhere in the middle. Well respected with cool people but even if I was cool enough to hang around with those guys. I wouldn't want too. Being cool and being a dick go hand in hand. 

Anyway, thats an insight into my school. On monday I'll carry on with a diary sort of thing of the summer term at Charlton as it's half-term atm. 

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