A collection of poems...

A collections of poems I wrote based on Adam Gilray's characters :)

-dedicated to Adam Gilray.


5. Vicki

A cold, still body,

Lies with limbs strewn out,

Bathing in a pool of crimson.


Waves of hair scattered across her pale face,

Eyes fixated on a single spot on the ceiling.

The life draining from her eyes...


And blood dribbles down her throat,

A severed slash across her neck,

Choking and stealing her life.


The liquid continues to flow,

Her neck crying a river,

Her life running away with it...


Now she's a motionless corpse,

Her essence drained,

Stolen by Death.


Standing in a doorway,

A skinny figure,

with bones displayed.


Eyes of insanity,

And a devil's grin;

A creation from hell.


A Sabatier knife clutched in her hand,

Blood staining her silk covered body.

A murderer.


She smiled at Vicki's motionless body,

She had done a good deed,

Ended the life of a drunk, an attacker.

Surely it was self defence? 


And Death would thank her,

For she has given him a gift.

The soul of a vampire,

A beast.


But the same must happen,

To dear old Kirsten.


No one will know,

No one will hear.

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