A collection of poems...

A collections of poems I wrote based on Adam Gilray's characters :)

-dedicated to Adam Gilray.


3. Valentina

A girl of young age,

Surrounded by evil,

Has now soaked herself in sin.

And when she must obey,

She does does not question.


But now, with her scarification,

Comes a new meaning.

She is a symbol,

Of self-preservation.


Her cruel, sharp features,

Surrounded by a mane,

Of strands of gold. 


A whore now branded with status and power;

a trail of stars from her knees to her neck;

A worthy member of the brotherhood.


With her status, comes protection.

She is a mother of whores, 

Yet a slave to drunken beasts.


And in the arms of her lover,

She is free from the cruel world,

She must suffer.


Rage must follow through,

When Death takes his toll,

with a bullet in his brain.


Sweet Taisia makes her move,

And in the arms of someone new,

She must explore,

Her heart and emotions.


For she is not the gentle flow of water,

But a stallion.


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