A collection of poems...

A collections of poems I wrote based on Adam Gilray's characters :)

-dedicated to Adam Gilray.


6. Spartak

A man of great height,

And broad muscles,

Surely a deadly threat.


Prominent cheekbones,

High on his face.

Eyes of dark depths,

A whirlpool of emotions.


Cruel thin lips,

And brutal words whispered.

Yet an intriguing feature,

For he to share with his lover.


A mop of hair that lashes across his face,

The shade a dangerous black.

Grey temples, a mark of age and power,

But also a symbol,

Of wisdom and knowledge.


For he is an artwork,

A body of tattoos.

A canvas of delicate works;

And a thousand stories hidden within.


Underneath the scars of war,

And the images of significance,

There is an essence only his lover knows.


And when the gun is pointed at him,

He thinks one last thought.

Valentina is a love for him,

Their souls entwined.


When the bullet meets his brain,

He sees her one last time.

Death steals the image from him,

And drains his life.


Here, in the depths of death,

He is not here, nor there,

But rather the sound of the wind,

And the gentleness of the waves.


He is the moon and the sun,

And the light within her.

For his soul is everywhere,

Valentina shall not forget.



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