A collection of poems...

A collections of poems I wrote based on Adam Gilray's characters :)

-dedicated to Adam Gilray.


4. Jess

In the late hours of the night,

She is greeted by jealousy,

For her husband has been unfaithful,

And she must rage against his sin.


Surrounded by the chaos of green,

And hatred in her eyes,

She tries and fails,

cannot fix,

What she never had.


But she is weak and frail,

Submissive and recessive.

And with this comes a price,

Her husband has found someone else.


A tornado rages within,

Ready to terrorise and disrupt,

But something holds her back.

Maybe love for the man,

who has betrayed her.


And with great fright,

That she will lose him,

She succumbs to his need,

And yet, it is not enough.


With a whole in her heart, 

They must part.

For she is not welcome, 

And his mind is elsewhere. 


Divorced, and remarried,

She has not changed.

Submissive and weak,

And unable to control.


And forever she will be a victim,

Of hurt and betrayal,

Until she stands and fights.


But for now,

She is no warrior. 


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