In Hartingfold the laws which constrained society have long since altered due to the fall out from the collapse of the EU. Tax is optional, but without paying to be on the tax register people become drifters, free of societies conventions, they travel for work, living wherever they can and paying for everything. The drifters aren’t trusted notorious for being the figure heads to the wave of organised crime sweeping the English nation.
The story follows Gracie Taylor through her strugggle for survival and her desperation to cling on to what defines her as a human being, rather than being defined by her unfortunate circumstance as a drifter.
contains some expletives, not for sensitive ears


1. The Drifters Chant

Inside ourselves we hold our devils

Tightly tucked under the heart

Like shadows in our life they surface

with us every step

Tainting our actions with bad intentions

Whispering to make us question

Are we here for a greater purpose

Or just to drift aimlessly in a stream of strangers

Fearful of our own existance, as;

with every step the devils snarl,

Pulling us back with gnarled claws

Into the darkness...

 but here I stand to tell of life

where whisky warms the hearts of men

as we wander from the devils

I am a drifter, free of them.

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