The Lost Girl

About a girl whose different to anybody else.


2. Wakening

The girl woke up and steadied herself what happened she thought. She shook her hair and watched as the autumn leaves fell from her chocolate brown hair. She stood up and walked to the nearest tree. She looked at herself. There wasn't a scratch on her she rubbed her eyes and smiled her fangs glowed, She stared beyond the tree's and could smell the rich  blood.calling her. She ran in incredible speed and walked near the wounded human. It was a young girl 13 at most with long black hair and tan skin. The wound was from her stomach and she could see the blood oozing out.

She bent down and drank deeply stopping when her thirst was over. She was about to go when she realised something this girl was just like her years before. She had been wounded and left to die a young vampire had offered her blood which turned her a vampire.She bent down and sliced her thumb watching as her blood fell into the young girl mouth.

After a few moments the girl stirred.She stood up and watched the girl stand up.

"Where am I"The girl asked.

"In the forest you were going to die and well your a vampire now"She replied.

"Vampires exist"the girl asked.She nodded.

"Isn't that impossible I am Sabitha by the way"Sabitha whispered.She took the young girl hand and walked with her into the moonlight.

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