The Originals

Set in the year 2023, this terrifying story tells of a world where the human race has been overpowered by evil doppel-gängers. The bane of a cloning experiment gone wrong have wiped out the entire planet of humans. Or so they think. The few human survivors are hidden underground, hoping, plotting, waiting for the chance to regain their home. Unless they caught first...


6. Mayday


Captain Heston sat on his chair in his plain-walled office; his eyes were fixated on the door. The solid oak door, tall and strong that closed him off the world. It was pin-drop silence as he sat collecting his thoughts. There was a soft knock at the door, interrupting his train of thought, and the door edged open slightly.

Angela, his assistant, popped her pretty, blonde head round the door.

“Mr Heston, Mr Langley is here to see you” She informed him quietly.

Mr Heston nodded, “Send him in”

Angela turned and hurried away, her shadow slowly getting smaller the further she got.

Minutes later, Captain Langley strolled in. He stood in front of Heston in his loosened clothes holding a bottle of beer.

“Heston…you’re looking well” Langley joked, staggering around to the side of the desk.

Heston’s face remained solemn and stern as always.

“Oh c’mon, smile ! We’ve done it! We wiped out every human on Earth in a matter of days…I’d call that a success!”

Heston whipped round harshly to face Langley.

“There’s fifty of them left. Fifty. It’s not a success until every single human is DEAD!” Heston spat at a shaking Langley,

“B-but there’s 8 billion of us…surely…”

“It doesn’t matter, you know the rules. Only their own doppelgangers can even lay a finger on them” Heston shook his head,

“But Lucy attacked Jonathan’s doppelganger...” Langley began,

Heston sneered, “And where are they now? Dead. Rotting in the ground with the all the other humans”

“Except fifty” Langley whispered fearfully,

Heston stood up and walked over to the window.

“Exactly. That’s why we have to find them and kill them”

“You want us to hunt them?” Langley stammered,

“Now you’re getting it Langley…hunt them like animals and execute them like prisoners”

Through the silence, you could hear Langley’s loud gulp.

“Why are you still here Langley? You have your orders” Heston asked menacingly,

Langley spun and hurtled out the room, nervous and confused. The door closed shut behind Heston with a dull thud closing him off from the world and filling the air with silence once again. 

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