The Originals

Set in the year 2023, this terrifying story tells of a world where the human race has been overpowered by evil doppel-gängers. The bane of a cloning experiment gone wrong have wiped out the entire planet of humans. Or so they think. The few human survivors are hidden underground, hoping, plotting, waiting for the chance to regain their home. Unless they caught first...


5. Hidden

"Perry, just because your school's closed doesn't mean you get to laze around all day" Mum pushed me jokingly, "C'mon, take the rubbish outside. The bin men are coming today" 

With a sigh, I heaved off the sofa and took the rubbish bag, swinging it round my finger as I trudged outside and into the front garden. I dumped the bag in the tall bin and walked back in closing the door behind me.

From the porch, I heard a scream. I paused for a second, my face crinkling in confusion before sprinting into the living room.   

"Mum?!"  I cried out.


I woke in a cold sweat crying Mum's name. Dad rushed in and covered my mouth with his hand. 

"Perry" he soothed, "Perry, stop, they'll hear us" 

I calmed down slightly but my body was still shaking throughout and I was panting loudly.

"Sorry" I muttered repeatedly, "Sorry, I was..."

"Dreaming about Mum?" Dad finished my sentence with a weak smile.

I nodded and put my arms around his neck as he pulled me in for a tight hug. When he leaned back, he had tears in his eyes but he turned away and wiped them away with his sleeve with haste. 

"Is everyone asleep?" I asked, trying to change the subject. 

"Pretty much. It's just me and Maggie up"

"I'm not surprised she's up, you snore loud enough" I joked 

Dad pretended to laugh but I knew it was not the time to joke.

I tried to change the subject once more.

"Any sign of them?" I asked, 

Dad shook his head. 

"How are we going to stop them Dad? Is it even possible?" I continued, 

Dad smiled, "Don't worry Perry. We'll find a way...but now, get some rest, okay?"

"Alright" I shrugged but I couldn't stop thinking about them. I needed reassurance.

"Are we safe down here? From them?" I called out, just as Dad reached the door.

Dad looked straight at me. "Goodnight" he whispered and he turned and walked out.

I stayed awake for almost an hour after that, waiting for my mind to clear so I could get to sleep. 

Easier said than done.



The sound of metal clanging against metal awoke me suddenly. I couldn't tell whether it was morning or still night; the earth of the ground blocked out the usual sunlight. 

"Tito" I whispered, trying to wake him from the other side of the room, "Tito" I hissed again.

I couldn't tell where the sound was coming from but it was close. My heart pounded like loud music blaring from a speaker as my head became itchy out of fear. I hated the growing tension in the room and the feeling of an encaged animal was upon me.

Desperately, I tried again calling Tito's name but he lay motionless on his bed. 

I looked around helplessly, unsure of what to do. Then, as the noise neared, I jumped up in fear and ran out the room, down the cave corridor, looking for Dad. 

As I reached the end of the corridor, Dad stepped out from around the corner and pulled me in putting his hand round my mouth and holding me tight with the other. 

We waited. 

It felt like forever but eventually, the noise stopped.

"Wh-what the hell was that?" I breathed, barely moving my lips. 

Dad put a finger to his lips and took a hold of my hand, gently tugging me along the dark earthy cave. 

When we reached mine and Tito's room, we stopped. Dad motioned for me to have a look and I stepped forward slowly and peered round the door. 

Tito was gone. His bed was still moulded in the shape that he lay in when I woke up and there was no sign of any of them. 

I backed away and turned back to Dad to tell him. He nodded solemnly. 

"What was that clinking noise then?" I whispered, confused and suspicious. 

And then as if to answer, something shifted behind me as a shadow leered over us as me and Dad froze, waiting for them to close in...

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