The Originals

Set in the year 2023, this terrifying story tells of a world where the human race has been overpowered by evil doppel-gängers. The bane of a cloning experiment gone wrong have wiped out the entire planet of humans. Or so they think. The few human survivors are hidden underground, hoping, plotting, waiting for the chance to regain their home. Unless they caught first...


4. Ceasing to exist

Each night, before I go to bed, I sit at my pink dresser table and brush my hair one hundred times on each side. This night was no different. I stared in the mirror in front of me mesmerised by the light of the little desk lamp which illuminated my face as I steadily brushed my long, blonde, shimmery hair.

When I was done, I placed the fragile, white hairbrush carefully onto the table and closed my eyes, just to think.

I hadn't felt this calm in ages. My life consists of getting up in the morning with barely enough sleep, going through a excruciatingly boring day of school, coming home, packing my weekend bag, heading over to Mum's house, unpacking my weekend bag, suffering the awkward silence at the dinner table with her new husband, Gordon and his introvert children, Bobby and Drew, sleeping on an air mattress while Bobby and Drew play loud music in the next room and then doing it all over again. 

I breathed out a breath of release and let my mind wander. Then, when I was starting to feel sleepy, I opened my eyes gently.

I almost didn't see the dark shadow in the corner watching me.

I turned to face it but I couldn't see it, just it's outline,  'Dad?' I called, 'Is that you?'

The shadowy figure stepped out of the darkness as I let out a choked gasp. I stood suddenly and backed towards the mirror but the girl remained where she was.

" l-look" I stammered breaking into a cold sweat. 

"Yes" She replied, matching my voice perfectly.

"Who are you?" I shook as I spoke

"I am you"

"No you're not...I'm're..a fake"

"No. I am you. An exact replica"

"Where did you come from?"

"You" She answered, as it was obvious. 

I opened my mouth to speak but she cut across.

"See that cut you have on your upper arm from last year?" She asked, raising her sleeve to show me, "There it

I leaned forward to see the identical mark on her arm that was on mine

"And that birthmark that you have on your neck" She turned slightly, "It's here" My birthmark was in full view in the exact same place

"I know you hide it with your hair because it looks like a skin rash and you don't want to draw attention to yourself..."

"So?" I snapped, suddenly angry that she thought she knew so much"

The girl laughed.

"Look I'm not you and you are definitely not me. I don't know how exactly you got into my house or how you know so much about me or why you look so similar but you need to get out and leave me alone or I will call the police" I stated,

"Well we can't have that, can we?" She smiled a menacing smile and advanced towards me.

"Stay away!" I shouted, picking up my hairbrush to defend myself.

"Oh Lauren....Lauren, Lauren, Lauren. No one can hear you" she spoke in a dull tone, "Don't struggle. Think of this as me doing you a favour, you won't have to put up with Bobby and Drew and Gordon or go from house to house while your parents continually refuse to work their marriage out" 

Frustrated and embarrassed, I swung the hairbrush towards her. "Don't you dare touch me!" 

"I'm sorry Lauren, I can't do that" she answered, "It won't hurt, I promise. But you cannot exist in this world any longer"

Then she threw her head back and breathed in deeply as my body dissolved into vapour and flew up into her nose. I was her. She was me. 

I felt myself slowly fading away as she became me.

She scooped up my hairbrush from the floor where it lay and settled back into the chair, brushing her long, blonde, shimmery hair a hundred times on each side. 


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