The Originals

Set in the year 2023, this terrifying story tells of a world where the human race has been overpowered by evil doppel-gängers. The bane of a cloning experiment gone wrong have wiped out the entire planet of humans. Or so they think. The few human survivors are hidden underground, hoping, plotting, waiting for the chance to regain their home. Unless they caught first...


1. Just some stupid experiment...

People think it was the day the doppelgangers were created that doomed us all.

From my perspective, it was the day that the impossible became possible. It was two days after my birthday; that's how I remember it so well. I came home from school and Dad was sitting on the sofa watching the news. I said hi and he ignored me. No wonder; he was watching some news special about science. 

Dad was a science teacher, you see. He was so passionate about science, anything to do with it, he'd love. I hated science. It was boring and unnecessary but being the spouse of a science maniac, I had to put up with it all the time.

I sat down on the sofa and put my earphones in, waiting for his programme to finish so I could play Fifa. 

"When's this finishing dad?" I moaned after fifteen minutes, he flapped his hand, motioning to either go away or shutup; I couldn't tell.

 Mum walked in and sighed, 

"Is he still watching this?" 

I nodded, frustrated and bored.

"It's been on for over an hour" Mum moaned,

"What is it anyways?" I droned,

"Some stupid science experiment most probably" She remarked and turned away.

Dad snapped his head back towards us,

"Some stupid experiment? They've just discovered a new theory, invented a machine to change the way we live, manipulated the very course of this earth so that humans will forever be superior..." He nattered with a glint in his eye,

"What is it dad?" I called over him,

He stopped and looked me straight in my eyes,

"It's a cloning machine, Perry" 

I raised my eyebrows slightly. It did kinda sound cool.

Dad waited briefly for my response but I wasn't all that excited so he turned back to the TV shaking his head

I smiled, thoughts circling my head like a tornado.

He was never going to make a believer out of me. Science was just too overrated. I mean,a  cloning machine, why would anyone need a cloning machine? It would be useless and it probably wouldn't work anyways

A lot of people were thinking of the same thing. That's why when it happened- when the doppelgangers arrived- no was expecting it.

No one saw it coming. 


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