Turn for the better

After Frankie and Katie move to London with their boyfriends, at the age of sixteen, the boys decide to make a run for it- not being able to cope with all the pressure of living and working in the big city. After surviving 6 months without them and finally turning 18 the two girls have a turn for the better when they meet a group of well known, well loved lads. Due to being now completely independent, Frankie tries to reject the boys help, and the boys themselves, but she soon realizes that she needs the help. Has she lost the chance of getting some support? Has she lost the chance of finally falling in love again? And is she keeping a secret from everyone?


4. Their staying

Frankie's P.O.V

I didn't want them to stay. Since it happened I felt like I couldn't trust boys anymore and I didn't really want to be near them. Katie took the problem better than I did, I had the guilt sitting on my shoulders.  It was me who made Katie come and I felt guilty. I was scared. I hope they turned the offer down. Not being harsh. I didn't want to seem horrible towards them, but I didn't know what was going to happen and I didn't want to stand there and find out.


Liam' s P.O.V

"What do you think?" I asked the boys, we hardly knew the girls, but we had not other ideas. 

"I think we should, the fans always leave in the end, they'll be gone by the morning," Louis said. We all nodded. 

"But we can't just use these girls like a hotel," Harry piped up. 

"We won't, we'll be polite and help out," I said, looking at the rest of them with a questioning face. They all nodded. That was settled then- we were staying. 

We turned round to face the girls who were awkwardly standing there. I smiled. 

"We've decided to take you up on your offer," I announced. I looked at the girls, Katie was smiling, but Frankie's face seemed to show a little annoyance, and fear at the same time. 

"If you absolutely sure that it's fine," I added afterwards. 

"It's perfectly fine," Katie made us jump. We all stood there for a while, then Katie and Frankie went off to the kitchen. The boys seemed to take that as an invitation to make themselves comfortable. In a matter of seconds they were lounging over the sofas, watching t.v. and arguing. I shock my head- typical. 


Frankie's P.O.V

"We need to carry on unpacking," I said making it clear that they were going to get in the way. 

"And, they're only staying one night, it's not like it's going to cause much trouble if we don't do some unpacking tonight," Katie said. I knew she was right, but I didn't want to have to chill out with them near me. She looked at me and could see the distress on my face. 

"Fine we'll do some unpacking but not loads, we can't neglect our guests," She said. I thought about then nodded slowly.  We made our way back into the living room. They'd made themselves at home. 

"We're going to do some more unpacking," I said to the boys, doubting that they were even listening. Suddenly they all jumped and the the t.v. was off.

"We'll help you," Niall said. 

"It's fine guys, don't worry," I said a small smile erupting onto my face. 

"No, we want to, it's the least we can do, you're letting us stay here, so we want to help. Plus seven pairs of hands are better then two," Zayn said. As he spoke it sent shivers down my spine- in a good way. He looked so sexy. You could see his impeccable muscles through his tightly fitted shirt. 

"O.k if you really want to," I said, finally giving in. Katie walked on ahead leading the boys to the work.  Zayn was the last to walk through the door, we were so close to each other that I could feel the heat off of his body on my cold skin. We walked through to the hallway where all the boxes were. 

"Most of the boxes need to go upstairs, and there's a couple that need to go into the kitchen,"Katie started.

"So I think that if four of the boys and me carry the boxes upstairs, and you and one of them carry the other ones and start unpacking in the kitchen," She said to me. Katie loved being in charge, and bossing everyone around.  

Katie, Niall, Harry, Liam and Louis all grabbed a box and started up the stairs, the boys trying to show off how strong they were. That left me and Zayn. I smiled at him and picked up a box and walked off. I heard Zayn run after me with a box in his hands. I put mine on the kitchen side, turned on my heels and started to walk back. I picked up another box and took it back into the kitchen, Zayn grabbed the last one and followed me. I put the box on the side. And moved to the other two that we had already brought in. I started getting frustrated as I couldn't open it. Zayn put his hand on the box in a questioning way. I stepped back to let him try. He managed to pull the tape off and open the box a lot quicker then I tried to. 

"Thanks," I said, quite quietly. He smiled. I started to unpack things. Putting everything on the sides in groups so it was easier to put them all away. Zayn copied me. 

"So how long have you lived here? In London I mean," He asked me, breaking the silence. I didn't have to think about it. 

"Nearly two years, I was sixteen when I moved here," I said, opening up a little.

"Wow, you were young. Why did you come here at such a young age?" He asked, not knowing that he was about to bring back horrible memories. I was silent. 

"Well... It's a story that I don't like to really tell people," I said. he could hear the pain in my voice as I turned away from him to put things in the cupboard. 

"Sorry," He said. I turned and smiled at him. It wasn't his fault I was upset, I needed to get over it. 


It seemed like we were in the kitchen forever. Putting things in the cupboards, then rearranging them all. I knew Katie would still change it all when she got the chance to. But it gave me a chance to talk to someone- someone other than Katie. It gave me the chance to start again, and to start trusting boys again. Zayn made me laugh a lot. I didn't realize how much fun I used to have when the boys were around.

I missed it.


Sit talking up all night


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