Turn for the better

After Frankie and Katie move to London with their boyfriends, at the age of sixteen, the boys decide to make a run for it- not being able to cope with all the pressure of living and working in the big city. After surviving 6 months without them and finally turning 18 the two girls have a turn for the better when they meet a group of well known, well loved lads. Due to being now completely independent, Frankie tries to reject the boys help, and the boys themselves, but she soon realizes that she needs the help. Has she lost the chance of getting some support? Has she lost the chance of finally falling in love again? And is she keeping a secret from everyone?


11. The morning after, the night before

Frankie's P.O.V 

I woke up with a headache made in hell. My sight was blurry and my head felt like a spinning top. I didn't know where I was, but then again I didn't really care, I just felt like dying, or just going back to sleep. The bed I was laying on was comfy. I didn't really remember that night before, it pretty much was a fuzzy memory. I must have got drunk otherwise I wouldn't be in this state. I do remember having an argument with someone.... it was Zayn.I vaguely remember him going on about something from the past and that's why he couldn't. I didn't have a clue what he was going on about, but he knew and he remembered how we knew each other. I needed to talk to him, as soon as I found out where I was. I rolled over, falling out of the bed and landing with a loud thump. I was still in my dress, which hopefully meant that I had actually done anything last night. Looking around, as I staggered up I looked around. The room was reasonable tidy, it wasn't a hotel, it was too personalized. I had this feeling that I was in the boys house. It should be easy to find Zayn then. Finally standing I slowly made my way out the room. The sun was already shining really brightly. I heard voices and decided to follow them. It was coming from down the hall so I slowly walked that way, as I got closer I could tell that it was just two of the boys. Zayn being one of them. I started to speed up. I wanted to appologise to him as well as finding out what he was talking about the night before. I walked into what I think was the lounge, standing there was Louis and Zayn finally talking. 


Katie's P.O.V 

Waking up, I felt a pair of warm arms wrapped round me. I turned my head in the directions of the arms to be met with the most beautiful face in the world. Nobody knew but Liam and I had been talking non stop since I first met him. After he helped save Frankie and helped me open the door. He'd insisted on helping me with my unpacking and we'd become so close. He gave me his number that night and he was all I could think about. Now all I could think about was last night. He'd kissed me and it had been so passionate and then he kissed me again. I'm such a romantic, I don't remember much after the kissing but I obviously feel asleep in his bed. I was in love with this guy, he was special. I heard a creak outside the door as someone tip toed past. I wondered who it was but was too busy snuggling into Liam's chest to care to much. 


Zayn's P.O.V 

She had got so drunk last night that I knew she didn't mean what she said to me. I didn't mean to get her drunk, I wanted to get myself drunk so that I could just be with her, like I said I would. I said I would be her date to the party, and I really like I, even though the history, even though I was a bad person to her. I'm bad for her and she shouldn't have me, but she makes my palms sweat and my heart ache. I don't want to just leave her. I'm kinda pissed off with Louis for just accepting her into his open arms like he did, but then again he didn't know what happen. Maybe I should just let Louis have her, I'm bad for her. Yeah, I should. I'll talk to him about it, when he gets up. It's quite lonely in the kitchen being the only one awake. I'll wait for him, I'll talk. 


Louis's P.O.V 

Waking up, I remembered everything that happened last night. Well everything involving Frankie. I decided to sleep on the sofa to give her her own space. I wanted to be a gentleman. I heard someone in the kitchen so thought that I would join them but before I could they were already in the lounge and sitting on the opposite chair. It was Zayn. He noticed that I was awake. 

"Sorry mate,I didn't mean to wake you," He sounded genuinely sorry. 

"You didn't, don't worry," I answered politely.

"The morning after the night before, they never look good," He said to me.

"I hear you on that," I said, rubbing my eyes, and temples, my head pounding with a headache. 

"Since your awake, could I talk to you?" He asked. 

"Course," I said. 

"Well, I know that you know that I like Frankie, and I know you do as well, but I just want to say..." He started but got interrupted when we heard foot steps. 

"Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to disrupt your conversation," She said.  

we're smiling but we're close to tears

A/N: Sorry it's a really short chapter, I had writers block, but hopefully the next chapter should be better, thank for reading though :) xx 


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