Turn for the better

After Frankie and Katie move to London with their boyfriends, at the age of sixteen, the boys decide to make a run for it- not being able to cope with all the pressure of living and working in the big city. After surviving 6 months without them and finally turning 18 the two girls have a turn for the better when they meet a group of well known, well loved lads. Due to being now completely independent, Frankie tries to reject the boys help, and the boys themselves, but she soon realizes that she needs the help. Has she lost the chance of getting some support? Has she lost the chance of finally falling in love again? And is she keeping a secret from everyone?


9. Show Time

Louis' P.O.V 


Since that day, I couldn't stop thinking about Frankie, I hadn't really spoken that much to Zayn either. It had become awkward between us since then. But all I had stuck in my head, day in, day out, was Frankie's beautiful smile, her dark eyes, glowing skin, flowing hair. A silhouette of  her sitting in the back of my mind. It had been all of two days and I hadn't left my hotel room. Niall would come in sometimes, it was nice of him but I didn't really want to talk to anyone. I jumped on the bed, laid down and closed my eyes. 

"Hey?" I heard a voice say questioningly. Looking up I saw Zayn. Great. 

"Hi," I said trying to be polite. 

"I was wondering if you wanted to go and pick the girls up, as we're all going in one car to the show," Zayn carried on. I thought about it for a minute, it would give me the chance to be with Frankie without the other boys. 

"Yeah, okay," I answered.

"Cool, they need picking up in about an hour and a half," He said. I nodded and he left the room. 


Katie's P.O.V

"Have you got everything," I shouted upstairs to Frankie. 

"I think so," She shouted back down to me. 

"Hurry up then," I said. I suddenly heard feet running and Frankie came bounding down the stairs. 

"Are they here yet?" She asked, walking to the collect her shoes from under the stairs. 

"No," I answered, she was picking up her shoes and walking back to the stairs to put them on when the door bell rang. 

"Yes," I said laughing. Opening the door, I came face to face with Louis, he was smiling and seemed happy with himself. 

"Hey," He said quickly. 

"Hi," I answered gesturing for him to come in as we still had to wait for Frankie. He walked through the door and stood in the hallway awkwardly. 

"So we ready to go?" He finally said, clapping his hands together as Frankie stood up. 

We both nodded, Louis smiled, looking directly at Frankie. I laughed to myself. Where was this all going to go?



Frankie's P.O.V 

Once we all clambered into the car Louis started driving.

"When does the show start?" I asked as we drove to wherever we were going.

"Half past seven," Louis answered. I heard Katie give a nervous eeeepppp from the back of the car. I laughed.

"You'll be fine," He said patting my leg, "Both of you," He was quick to add. I looked up at him, his eyes were glistening, his smile was beautiful. His hand was still resting on my leg, but I didn't object it was nice to have some attention within my comfort zone. 

Once we finally reached the stage door, I was starting to get a bit nervous. As we walked through the door we were greeted with four massive smiles and even bigger hugs. Soon to be stopped and ushered onto the stage so we could have final run through.

It felt strange being on the stage, the lights blaring down on us, the music loud, everything being prepared for later that night.

"Right then, you all need to go and start getting ready, boys you know where your dressing room is, girls if you follow me, I'll show you where yours is," Somebody said, but we couldn't see their face. We smiled at the boys and ran after the mysterious figure. "Bye!" The boys all shouted as we left the room. .

Katie's P.O.V

Five minutes before show time, we ran out of our changing room and headed to backstage, to meet up with the boys. They hadn't seen us since we had arrived earlier and we hadn't seen them either. All made up, with our high heels and short dresses on, we slowly walked through the double doors into where the boys were standing. Zayn was the first to see us. His mouth dropped when Frankie walked in after us. All the boys turned round.

"Wow," I heard Zayn say as he watched Frankie come through the doors. 


Zayn's P.O.V 

"Wow," I said. I didn't mean to say it, it wasn't meant to slip out but it was true. Frankie looked amazing. We only had a few minutes until show time and we had to do voice exercises so our voices were warm when we went on, I wanted to talk to Frankie. I had to. I looked around the group, as we stood in a circle warming up. I noticed Louis staring at Frankie then glaring at he. I frowned. I didn't understand him at the moment, he was so different and I didn't know what had caused it. I just knew that I had to talk to Frankie before we went on. Someone came over and handed us our microphones which meant that we only had about a minute until we went on. I thought about it quickly then plucked up the courage and walked over to her.

"Hey," I said.

"Hi," She answered, quieter than usual, she looked a little sick.

"You nervous?" I asked her, her hands were shaking. She breathed in and nodded. I laughed.

"You'll be fine, trust me, I'm on stage too, and I'll keep an eye on you, don't worry," I reassured her.

"Thanks," She said.

"That's aright," I said. I was just about to tell her she looked beautiful when someone came behind us.

"It's Show Time!" They shouted and pushed us onto the stage, me and the boys running on first followed by the girls. I wish I had spoken up before. I want her to know how I feel but I don't even know how I feel. She's just so beautiful. 


When you pick yourself up, you get kicked to the dirt


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