Turn for the better

After Frankie and Katie move to London with their boyfriends, at the age of sixteen, the boys decide to make a run for it- not being able to cope with all the pressure of living and working in the big city. After surviving 6 months without them and finally turning 18 the two girls have a turn for the better when they meet a group of well known, well loved lads. Due to being now completely independent, Frankie tries to reject the boys help, and the boys themselves, but she soon realizes that she needs the help. Has she lost the chance of getting some support? Has she lost the chance of finally falling in love again? And is she keeping a secret from everyone?


16. Shocked

Frankie's P.O.V 

Zayn had called Niall about 10 times before we finally gave up and just waited. I was smiling- a lot. Zayn was lying flat out on one of the seats on his phone, whilst I was crossed leg on the floor furiously texting Katie. After five minutes and still no reply I threw my phone down, Zayn jumped and looked down at me. Laughing at me, he rolled onto his side and patted the chair in front of him. I crawled over to where he was and pulled myself up in front of him, snuggling into his body shape. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me further towards him. I laid my head down on the pillow and pulled at the earphone that wasn't in Zayn's ear so I could put it in my own. I laid there for a while, wrapped in his arms, his warm body heating my own, and the warmth of his breath on my neck. It was weird that only half an hour ago I had hated him, a lot. And now I had to admit I didn't anymore I had no idea why I just didn't. It was like I was never truly mad at him- but I was I was furious at him for what he had done to me so how come I could forgive so quickly? 


Niall's P.O.V 

"Well he didn't have to be so rude about staying behind did he?" Someone was saying behind me. They had been quite shocked about how Louis had reacted when I had got the call from Zayn. I wasn't sure what his problem was but I wasn't really interested either, the others all seemed like they were deep in conversation about it. I was more intent on getting to the van to let Zayn and Frankie out, they'd obviously made some sort of progress. Well I hope they had, I love them both, Zayn is the best a mate could get and Frankie was just an amazing girl and it hurt to see them hate each other so much. It felt like such a long way back to the camper, even longer with the bickering that as still going on behind me. But as we neared the van I couldn't see them sitting in it, there were no heads, no bodies it looked empty. The others noticed what I did and they all fell silent. Looking back questioningly I raised my eyebrows as they shrugged. I ran towards the van to see if they were still there. It felt like forever to get there, I didn't know what to expect, maybe they had found a way out and were trying to find us, the door would be unlocked and they wouldn't be there. But nothing prepared me for what I really saw... 


Katie's P.O.V 

Niall ran towards the van, he seemed slightly scared. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Harry looked sick with worry. If anything had happened to them he would feel so guilty  it was his idea to lock them in there. Niall came to abrupt halt as he reached the door of the camper and peered in. Lifting his head slowly he turned back to face us, he looked shocked and happy at the same time as well as confused. He turned back round took a second look then started laughing. We all ran over to his side to see what was happening. Peering through the window we saw to bodies lying on the seat together. His arm wrapped around her waist, he head resting on the pillow their bodies sitting like a jigsaw. Harry pulled the keys out of his pocket and unlocked the door, scaring the couple lying on the seat. They sat up and smiled at us. We all stood in silence facing them. It felt like an eternity that we just watched one another, no words, no movement, nothing. 

Frankie broke the silence, " Hi," 


Don' give up on me baby


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