Turn for the better

After Frankie and Katie move to London with their boyfriends, at the age of sixteen, the boys decide to make a run for it- not being able to cope with all the pressure of living and working in the big city. After surviving 6 months without them and finally turning 18 the two girls have a turn for the better when they meet a group of well known, well loved lads. Due to being now completely independent, Frankie tries to reject the boys help, and the boys themselves, but she soon realizes that she needs the help. Has she lost the chance of getting some support? Has she lost the chance of finally falling in love again? And is she keeping a secret from everyone?


8. He stayed the night

Frankie's P.O.V

A bright light woke me up. I squinted as I looked up. Rubbing my eyes I remembered the night previous. I was still shaking from the experience. It brought back so many old memories. Then I remembered falling asleep with Zayn by my side. Looking around I realised he wasn't in the room. I wondered if he had left as soon as I had fallen asleep. I stretched and got out of bed, wondering over to my side where my mirror stood, opposite the door. I was busy looking at myself in the mirror working out what to do with myself that day that I didn't notice Zayn enter the room. 


"I made you some breakfast," He said innocently. 

"Jesus Zayn! You scared the crap out of me, I thought you'd gone home," I said. 

"Sorry," He said smiling. I giggled. He walked over to me and put his hand on my back. I turned round to look at him. He looked concerned. I smiled. 

"I'm fine," I said. 

"Fair enough lets go and have breakfast," He said grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the room. 



Louis' P.O.V 


I jumped out of bed and walked out my room and towards the kitchen. 

"Morning," I said to the boys as I walked past them. I thought to myself. Zayn wasn't in there was he. I grabbed a bowl and poured some cereals into it. Surely he came home last night, he wouldn't have stayed at their house. Walking back into the living room I realised Zayn wasn't there. 


"Where's Zayn?" I asked them. 

"Dunno he never came home last night," Harry said. I dropped my spoon. 

"What gives him the right to stay with them for another night!" I shouted unintentionally out loud. The boys heads whipped round in my direction. Staring at me. 

"Calm down mate," Liam said getting up and walking over to me. I must have looked mad because the boys had a shocked look on their faces.

"I mean we're all good friends with them, we all would love to spend another night with them, but what makes him so special that he gets to spend another night with Frankie," I said, getting so mad I was clamming up. The boys suddenly looked at each other questioningly. Liam stooped where he was and looked back at me.

"You fancy Frankie don't you?" He asked me. I went silent and must have blushed as the boys all smiled. 

"You do!" Niall shouted. I rolled my eyes. 

"Don't say anything to anyone," I made them promise. Then I heard the door handle move. 


Frankie's P.O.V 


As soon as I had closed the door Katie made her way down the stairs. 

"Who was that?" She asked sleepily. 

"Zayn, he just left," I answered her smiling. 

"What?" She asked confused. 

"Zayn, he stayed the night," I explained to her. 

I smiled. 


Zayn's P.O.V 


I felt bad driving away from her house. I wasn't sure if I should have left her or not, but she made me leave. Her smile was gorgeous. She makes my head crazy. When I touched her back it felt like I'd been hit so hard in the head, I felt dizzy. Her skin so warm and soft, it made my palms sweat. I felt electric sparks fly round my body. She can't feel the same way. I must be so stupid feeling like this, a girl like her can't fall for me.

Driving back to the hotel was a difficult journey I found it so hard to concentrate. All I could think about was her, she was beautiful and made me crazy. 

As I finally reached the door to our suite, I made sure I was calm and collected. I couldn't give it away. I didn't want the boys to know that I liked her. I opened the door. They all looked at me as I walked in. I smiled. 

Hey," I said. They all answered, all bar Louis who just glared at me and stalked off towards his room. 


"What's his problem," I asked. 



But we both know how we're gonna make it work when it hurts 



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