A day of disastrous events

A little recount of something that happened to me today. Hope you enjoy it.


1. The beginning of a long day

Disaster. That's what today has been: a total disaster. It all started when I woke up wednesday morning in my best friends room at 6am. I was sleeping on the top bunk of a bunk bed,  which to be honest was far to close to the ceiling for my liking, when I woke with a start and banged my head on the ceiling. It wasn't very nice and I used all the swear words to take the pain away. Who ever knew swearing is nature's painkiller?

Anyway when I woke up properly I reaslised what had woken me up: my phone vibrating signalling a message from dad. It read 'be ready soon, coming to pick you up at 9 instead of 10. Going to gather some sheep off foulshaw.' Thats the beauty of living on a farm; you never have to time to slack off or relax because there's always something round the corner. Eventually, I dragged my heavy limbs down the ladder leading to the floor. On the second step I slipped and banged myself against the ladder. For the second time that day, swearing had been my pain reliever. This was just getting better.

Quikly, I got dressed and packed my things up. My friend was still snoring away on the bottom bunk. I let out a giggle. She was splayed all over the bed and her hair was like ball of fluff.  I shook her shoulder gently and recieved a whack on the face instead. The swearing didn't help this time.

I slowly stood up and went to the bathroom. By the time I came back Alicia was sat on the edge of the bed looking like a hedgehog. 'Hey' I grunted. She grunted a response back. "Look I've got to go in... 10 minutes so I'll see you on Monday?" I let her know. 'Wha... yeah ok'. She looked too tired to care.

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