A day of disastrous events

A little recount of something that happened to me today. Hope you enjoy it.


4. Relief

I  sat in the car with Dad; my chest heaving up and down and my face as red as tomato.Smudge was at my feet panting continuously. Dad sat at my side driving. The mood was sombre.

Smudge had been running in circles round the sheep and she showed no sign of stopping. She'd had the sheep on the road and back in the field and eventually, managed to get them over the cattle grid leading to a farm house. "There is no way I am going to get her back" I thought and a wave of frustration and defeat washed over me. To my relief, Charles Geldard (John's son) zoomed in on his ATV and helped me to try and get her. I had apologised profusely again and again but thankfully he was very kind about the incident and had insisted "These things happen all the time!". I was sure they didn't.

Unfortunately, the extra man - power had not made much of a difference as she still run round us easily. I was getting incredibly dizzy watching her go round in circles. To my surprise, Charles called another man who was helping out around the farm. I have never felt so embarrassed in all my life. It took three people to get a little dog back! Every time we tried to creep close to snatch her she woud just run out of our reach and we'd stumble over. It was so frustrating. 'Little bastard' one of the men muttered under his breath. I could hardly disagree with him, what with me being in my current predicament.

Eventually, we had her cornered. I knelt down and called her to me but she was adamant. She ran past me while the other man just manged to catch her collar. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. It was finally over. The nightmare was over. I thanked the men so much for their time and patience. Normally I was incredibly shy so this was a big step for me.

I had walked back down the lane leading to the entrance to our fields. If we were quick we would be able to get down, get the sheep back and in the trailer. It ws starting to spit now. I ran down the lane to the field at the far end; Smudge safely at my side. I heard Dad yelling commands at Greg: clearly he wasn't doing so well either. I entered the field and saw Dad red faced and breathing heavily. I had thought he was going to be mad at me but he just looked and smiled gratefully. I ran down the field and rounded up the sheep. They weren't going anywhere this time. Eventually, Dad and I, with the dogs managed to coerse the sheep through the gate and on to the lane. We had them where we wanted them now.

The hard work done all that was left to do was to try and get them into the trailer. That didn't take very long. Once we had them all in the trailer, we got in the car and set off. As soon as the car door shut, a sheet of rain slammed down on the car. Dad and I looked at each other; we weren't sure whether to laugh or cry. We had acheived our task but we very nearly failed. We settled for neither and drove home in silence.

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