A day of disastrous events

A little recount of something that happened to me today. Hope you enjoy it.


3. Disaster

Once Greg was in the back of the 4x4 and Smudge sat in the front at my feet, we set off. She was reasonably well behaved although she jumped up at me far too much for my liking. Dad and I sat in the car in companiable silence. The drive felt like ages but in reality it was only an hour and a half. I watched the landscape change from beautiful barren fields filled with wild flowers to crowded dense forests that looked pitch black inside. I vowed never to venture into a forest like that: I was scared of the dark. Eventually, we reached the motorway which we had to cross over. All through the journey the clouds had been getting darker and heavier. I feared we wouldn't get the sheep inside in time. We crossed over the busy motorway and landed at the entrance of Foulshaw lane. The lane was horrendously potholed ; my teeth shook so much I thought they were going to fall out. Finally, we arrived at our destination. A large gate lay on our right : the entrance to our 4 massive fields. To our right lay more fields , a house and another lane. In front of us was a third lane leading up to a man called 'John Geldard's farm. He was what they called a 'big wig' in farming. He was frequently in the news and the westmorland gazette as he was extremely successful and had his own empire. They were our neighbors.

I got out to do the gate for my Dad so he could reverse into the entrance leading to our fields. Unfortunately, I had to take Smudge out with me as I couldn't leave her with Dad because she would be up all over the seats and probably make Dad crash the car. I got Smudge ready to get out and held the lead in my hand. I was ready. Slowly, I opened the door and climbed out. Suddenly, I saw a white blur flash in front of eyes and the next thing I knew the lead was dangling limply from my hand. It took me several sconds to comprehend what had just taken place, but I was soon brought back to reality by Dad who was pipping the horn loudly at me.

I looked at ahead of me and to my greatest horror I saw Smudge attempting to round up a batch of sheep and cows in the field parralel to ourS. My stomach dropped. The first thought I had was that Smudge would be hurt if I didn't try and get her out of there soon. Cows had a terrible tendecy to chase after dogs and my fears were taking place before my very eyes. I ran as fast as I could to the field. Over the cattle grid, down the lane and under the fence. The cows were grazing warily some distance off so that was a good sign. I f I could just keep Smudge and the sheep seperate from those cows then it would be ok. Another thought crept in to my mind. "How the hell do I get her back?" I felt nauseous at the thought. Here I was, completely alone (my Dad had gone down to try and get the sheep with Greg) with no clue as to how to get my dog back and stop rounding up another farmer's sheep. This was my worst nightmare.

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