A day of disastrous events

A little recount of something that happened to me today. Hope you enjoy it.


2. Bad luck

When I got outside, It was pouring down with hail and rain. 'Shit' I thought. I had no coat save a thin cardigan that didn't even cover all my arms. It was about 5 minutes from Alicia's house to the end of the road, and boy I have never been so cold and wet in such a short space of time. 'Could this day get any worse?' I had arranged to meet Dad outside a hotel at precisely 9.00am. When I reached the bottom of the hill, my watch showed 8.59. I had made perfect timing. 9.05 came and still Dad had not appeared. I wasn't worried yet. 9.10... 9.12...9.15... the minutes ticked by ever so slowly. At 9.17 I was getting very worried. It was so unusual for my Dad to be late becuase punctuality was his speciality.

At 9.20, relief flooded through me when a blue Mazda rounded the corner and pulled up next to me. By this time my hair was plastered firmly to my head and rivulets of water cascaded down my face. I climbed into the car and Dad looked at me with a look of disdain on his face. '

What?' I started. '

Where's your coat' he asked pointedly. '

Not with me'. I was not in the mood for a lecture. He knew better than to argue and we drove home in silence.

When we got home, I had to rush to get changed so that we could set off to Foulshaw as quickly as possible. After all, when you're in a rush, a half hour drive is a very long time. So I ran to get the dog lead and Smudge: my very own beautiful border collie. She was all white except for a black patch and spot on her head and eye; hence the name 'Smudge'. It had origionally been my Dad's ambition to train her up to being an amazing sheepdog; the ambition fell through and gradually, I took on the roll to train her, making her my dog. Simultaneously, Dad went and got 'Greg': our newly trained dog.

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