Conclusion of love

Discussion of how love works


1. Theory of the greatest force on earth.

"I need to speak to you urgently about the project!" Robert nearly shouted rushing towards me from the far end of the east hallway. "Are you insane?! We are not alone here you know!" I said shoving him in the chest. He sighed, "Your right i'm sorry, you need any help?" He asked shrugging looking around for anyone to help me. "Well i have actually finished the project." I said triumphantly laughing. 

"Really? I want to hear about it but can we go to the study and continue?" He suggested looking around at the other scientists and physicists walking around thinking of new ideas to remake the world we know today. I nodded fast and we continued to the elevator.

The study, a small room filled with hearts and red colors, all the ingredients of love. Or so, that was what the experiment proposed. 

"Human hearts, what did that have to do with the conclusion of love's existence?" He said looking at the bleeding heart inside the glass box on my desk. "I was just testing the theory, that the human heart, had binding muscles or blood lines, that could react as feelings of love." He looked amused, like he did not believe me. 

"I didn't know you were doing that, what was the result?" He asked looking disgusted by the heart, backing away from it slightly. "True." I said simply walking over to the rubber glove drawer to put them on. "Really? In what way?!" He asked looking as if Jesus had come down and given him his own holy lap-dance. I lifted the box and took out the heart, to my surprise he came closer.

"You see these lines here?" He nodded once "That line has been undefined for years and years, nobody has ever looked it through because NASA's doctor line has dismissed it as a blood vain." I explained opening the organ shoot i had built in and through the heart down it. The heart would go directly down to the organ room where Milla -The organ specialist- would put it in a jar, in the heart room. 

"Your implying, NASA the organisation to help human kind has hidden, the hearts connection to love?" He asked falling into my chair. He raised an eyebrow looking skeptical.

"Yes, did you know Leonardo Da Vinci also looked into this?" He nodded slowly "NASA has a hidden archive were they keep files that they claim to have told all and contain no secrets. But i believe they have Leonardo's reports on this matter, otherwise they have vanished very fast from the human memory." 

"What do you mean?" 

"Leonardo didn't go on with the project without making enemies. One of them was a great grandfather of the leader in NASA. He is the leading man of NASA and holds information only god knows how powerful! He could easily pull out an old family feud from documents and prevent Leonardo's dream of having his 'love theory' proved." 

I paused to catch my breath.

"Seems a little far fetched don't you think?" He asked, clearly thinking i was talking bullshit. 

"I knew you would say that, that's why i have proof." I tossed a file i had spent the last month creating. It took some time for him to read most of it through. "I don't understand how the 'unknown vain' works as a love emotion. 

"That vain contains not blood, but something i have named 'loveblood', it is a special matter that when in love, starts to boil creating flushes and heartbeat going faster, it is also highly hallucinatory, meaning it creates the illusion of being in love, daydreams and regular dreams about that person." I paused for breath.

"Leonardo once wrote 'Love at first sight', clearly he was implying the chemical works at first sight of that person."

If Robert looked stunned before he was now in a coma. I waited giving him time to cope with the news and for him to catch up to the plan i had already hatched. 

It took about half an hour.

"I'll arrange a meeting with the president. I'm sure he will be glad to know NASA's been keeping secrets." He said looking in my eyes for acceptance, i shook my head. "He already knows, he's in on it. We haft to go on our own." I hit the wall i was leaning on and a hatch opened. Inside was full of gear and two suits. I through one at him. 

"We are going to do a little spying. Hard evidence is needed."

He looked up at me with a smile. "Inside NASA?!" He asked with a laugh.


"I can't believe i'm saying yes to this...But what the hell, i'm in!"



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