London Surprises! (FINISHED!)

Maddison, Quinn and Yazmin are three girls with an ambition in life, to move to London and become a famous girl band world wide! On their journey to fame they encounter something they thought never was going to happen...


17. The Voice...

* 1 Week Later*

Maddie's P.O.V

Dan had taken me out to a hotel all week and when I called home no-one answerd. I was getting worried so I decided to call it a week and go back. I packed up all our stuff and got the room serive too carry it downstairs because it was far too heavey for me too carry. When Dan came back from the pool we had a little argument because he didn't want to go. In the end I won because he didn't like getting into arguments. He is such a sweet guy, he would never hurt a fly!

We got home and when I opend the door I could here muffled crying. It sounded like it was comeing from the living room. There sat Harry crying his eyes out with Quinn trying too comfort him.

"What's wrong?" I asked. They must of not heard me come in because they were both surprised by my apperence.

"It's Louis..." Said Harry in a quiet voice. His head didn't rise from his hands when he said that but when after a long miute his head lifted up he looked awfull. He haad perminate tears stain marks his curly hair was in tangles and his big baby cheeks were puffy and red from crying. As I took in his features I had forgotten what he said. Then I thought, wait what happend to Louis?

"Where is he, what happend?" I asked.

Quinn raised her head and I could see tear marks on her face as well.

"Well on the day you and Dan left for yor hotel get away we found out that Louis had been in a car crash the night before and he is now in a coma and he doesn't seem to be getting any better..."

The words hit me like a bullet to the skull. I buckled at the knees but I grabbed onto the door frame to keep my support. I felt like suddenly half of me went missing. An arm and a leg an eye and a ear. But most of all I could feel that half of my heart went missing aswell. I didn't know why I felt this way I had a boyfriend but suddenly he didn't seem like the whole world to me anymore... I had to go and see Louis... Before it's too late.

I grabbed Dans keys to his car and as I was about to jump in a strong arm grabbed hold of my arm. I looked up and there was Dan.

"If you leave to see that half dead boy then we are through!"

"Dan I need to go and see him he is one of my friends..."

"I don't care if he is one of your best friends I forbid you to go and see him! You are MY girlfriend and that is that!"

While Dan said this I suddenly noticed I never really loved him. I just wanted someone to love me. He wasn't the one I had been looking for all along it was Louis! I pulled my arm away from him not knowing I had that much strength. I started the car and sped off leaving DAn in the driveway alone.

The hospital was a five minute drive away. When I parked up I ran inside and asked for the room number of Louis Tomlinson. They pointed me in the right direction. My shoes squeaked against the shiny floor. I was looking for room 107. I got to room 120 when I was in such a hurry I had missed it. I ran back and finnaly found it. There was Liam, DAni, Yaz and Niall. Then there in the coner of the room was Louis. His face so peacfull and beautifull. I walked slowly over to him ignoring everyone else. I got over to hi bed and sunk into the chair next to it. Silent tears started streaming down my face.

"Please Louis, wake up... Wake up for your friends, your Directioners, your family and most of all please, please wake up for me."

Ikept on whispering this in his ear intill hi had twitched a little...

Louis P.O.V

It was all silent. Then I could here the light foot steps of someone walking towards me. It wasn't like the normal heavy ones of the doctors, they were light and like a pixie walking. I could sense movement around me. Then the sweetest voice was whispering into my ear. This was the voice I had been waiting for. I had too wake up I just had too. For this girl, I barley remember her but I can see foggy memorises of her. The happy little face of hers. I can see pictures of us having a water fight with suds and tap water. Every memory with her came back. Even the ones that hurt me. I loved her so much. I had to wake up for her. I opend my eyes and there I saw the real thing. She was even more beautiful than I remembered! GOD I was so happy to see her again!


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