London Surprises! (FINISHED!)

Maddison, Quinn and Yazmin are three girls with an ambition in life, to move to London and become a famous girl band world wide! On their journey to fame they encounter something they thought never was going to happen...


4. The Morning

Maddie's P.O.V

"Ughhhhh" I let out a small groan as I woke up with the bright grey sky streaming through the curtians, I forgot to close them last night. I went to check what time it was, so I reached out for my phone, but it wasnt there!? I found it in my pocket, it said half seven, I was about to go back to sleep but I couldn't. as I sat there thinking, my thought's soon caught up with me and I relised I was in LONDON!!!! I jumped out of bed and then rushed round to the room next to me and opend the door to find Quinn lying there with her hair placed round her perfectly, like a soft golen halo! I jumped on her bed and she woke up with a start, I was so excited I didn't care if she would be angry with me later! I ran round to the other room and I found the bed empty and made. I saw Yazmines cases so this was her room... but where was she? Then I heard a bang, from the kitchen, that would answer my question then. I ran downstairs, tripping on the stairs and nearly falling down in th process! There was Yaz in the middle of the kitchen with pots and pans every where! She may be orginised but, she cannot cook! There were eggs with bits of shell in them still frying, going slightly black!

She gave the look so I had to go and help her sort things out! I put the eggs in the bin and put the burnt bacon in the bin aswell. I cleared up the bake beans and sausages from the floor and they got put in the bin aswell. I put some more bacon on the grill with some sausages. I got out new clean pot to start the beans and got out a new pan to fry the eggs. I told Yaz to wash up, mostly because i busy, and I really couldnt be botherd later! When everything was ready I layed it all out on the kitchen in the dining room next to the kitchen. Yaz went upstairs to get Quinn and tell her breakfast was ready. I sat down and started putting food on my plate, I was really hungry as we didn't really have much dinner... apart from the McDonalds!

Yaz's P.O.V

 I woke up at six-ish and I was quite hungry so I got up and made my bed and went downstairs, carefull not to wake the others. When I got downstairs I opened the fridge to find no food! "Oh no I forgot to get food last night on the way home!" I mutterd to myself as I closed the door to the fridge. I had to slip in to my rain coat (which is long) over my p.js and grabbed my purse from upstairs and then went out to the shops to get  some food.

I came back an hour later with all the food we would need for ages. I decided to make a big fry up for breakfast. I cracked three eggs into a big pan, but they all turned into one big one and i noticed there were bits of shell in them... or should I call it, it? Then I put the bacon and sausages in to the big grill and put on some bake beans in a pan. By the time I had done that I went back to check on the egg thing, it had turned a little bit black round the edges but it still didnt look cooked so I left it for a while longer. The sausages looked done so I took them off and put them on a plate, Then I saw that the bake beans were done so I poured them into a bowl and carried them into the dining room next door. Unfortunally i had left one of the cubords open and hit my head on it! I dropped the bowl, but luckly it didnt brake and the sausages fell onto the floor one by one. I was just standing there with food around me feeling stupid. At that piont Maddie came down I must of woken her up! She saw the mess and then saw me standing in the middle of it all!! I gave her the look saying " Please help me!!??". She grabbed the burned egg thing and put it in the bin with the now burnt bacon. She cleared up the mess on the floor and then started cooking the proper way. She told me to wash up all the pots and pans the bowl and the plate. By the time I had done that everything was ready. I went upstairs to get Quinn who was halfway through doing her makeup, to tell her breakfast was ready.

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