London Surprises! (FINISHED!)

Maddison, Quinn and Yazmin are three girls with an ambition in life, to move to London and become a famous girl band world wide! On their journey to fame they encounter something they thought never was going to happen...


29. Telling the Parents

Louis' P.O.V

GOD, I was so nervous... I mean what if they don't aprove of me? Will they say that we cant be together? I dont think I could live without her! I was completly lost in my horror dream then I noticed her mother came running down the stairs. Then her sister came running down stairs, followed by her mother then her father. I noticed how perfect they looked like they had come out of and advert, they were the perfect family. It was in that moment that I knew they would not above of me. I mean I am very loud and livley and they seem quiet, perfect and no sense of humor what so ever. Maddies little sister ran up to Maddie and hugged her. Her parents just stood there and stared at me. Well this is going to be one long eveing...

Maddie's P.O.V

I felt a strange tension between my parents and Louis. I had just put my younger sister to bed, she is three yeras old and she is such a sweetie! I love her to bits and I guess she is the only person I missed around here! I slowey walked down stairs and every one was sat in the kitchen... in silence. As I skipped over to the table I placed my arm around Louis shoulders. I could see my parents tense as I did so. They never approed of boyfriends, but oh well they will just have to put up with him.

"Mum, Dad we have something to tell you..." I said breaking the silence.

"Oh Dear God you're pregnante ar'nt you?" My mother said while gasping, she did not aprove of having children out of wedlock. Actually she did'nt really approve of any thing!

"Oh no, It's just that ummm.... I am moving in with Louis!" I said.

"Umm No your not, I forbid you to! You shall stay here and live with us intill we decide you are fit enugh to look after yourself." My father said then he stormed out the room. He probally was going to his study, he always went there when he was angry. My mother was soon to follow to comfert him. She never liked it when people were upset, she always went to comfort people, well anyone but me! Ughhh she just annoyed me sometimes!

"Well that went well...." Louis said trying to make me feel better. There was nothing they could do that will make me stop moving in with him!

Author's Note

Hiya everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks soooo much for reading and stuff! And I was just woundering how many people would be intrested if I wrote a sequal to this book. So Comment me if u would like a sequal and yh...... Also would you maybe like 2 check out my new book Paralyzed in Life and Love, me and my friend Rairty have started it and it would mean so much if u liked . ect!!!! Cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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