London Surprises! (FINISHED!)

Maddison, Quinn and Yazmin are three girls with an ambition in life, to move to London and become a famous girl band world wide! On their journey to fame they encounter something they thought never was going to happen...


6. Suprises!


The taxi journey only took five mins, and we arrived at the shopping centre. Why couldnt Yaz tell us we were going shopping? Not really that secretive... We were going shopping anyway!! Yaz pulled us with her to the big doors of the shopping centre, and I noticed there were some really big crowds pushing each other to try and get through to doors. I gussed there was a really big and good sale on! So that was the suprise Yaz was going to show us!! When we finnally got through the doors, tgere were girls absolutly everywhere!!! Up on balconys, on the lower levle and some sitting ib shops looking really excited. We were trying to get through the hugmungus crowds when five extremly hot boys walked on to the stage in the middle of the building!! There was a earscreeching scream in my ear from a girl next to me. I pushed her out the way. She shoved me back making me topple into a gaggle of girls holding banners. I couldnt really read them seeing as I was on the floor. " Why did u bring us here? I dont even know who they are!" i asked Yaz. She replied saying something about this is where oir first ever gig was going to be, but we cant really see it because there were people on it right now! We tried getting out but the girls just pushed us back in. The hot boys on stage where singing "thats what makes you buetifull" so i guesses they where one direction. I had only heard their songs once before, and that was round Quinns house! We arnt allowed to listen to music at my house, only on Saturdays and I always chose listen to Olly Murs! So they were One Direction, I can see why girls are crazy about them! The one that was dressed in a red stripy top and dark navy trousers was especially good looking! I couldnt stop myself from looking into his brown dreamy eyes, it felt magical, it felt... right!

I snapped out of my small daydream and reminded myself that I wasnt here permintly so I will only have one night stands, and I will not, I repeat NOT fall in love!

Quinn's P.O.V

 The taxi cost four pounds even though the shops were only five mins away! We could of easily walked. Yaz looked really excited I was too. I love suprises, I didnt know where we were going so this should be a big suprise! We got near the doors and all I could see were girls pushing and shoving try to get through the doors! Wow, Yaz had brought us to some mayjor sale! Ohh I do love her so much! When I had realised this I helped Maddied an Yaz push through the crowds. We finnally got through and we were looking around and five really cute boys strutted on stage. They started talking, one with brown/blonde hair with the cutest Irish accent ever! One with lovley tanned skin with a deep rough bradford accent, one with messy brown hair with a cute voice, I couldnt wok out where he was from. another had brown styled hair, he had a really cute yorkshire accent. Then a boy with buetiful; English accent. He had a round baby face, but somehow it fitted with his cute baby curls. As I looked at him I felt something I had never felt before, was it love? No! It was just because he was famous! Still I couldnt stop looking at him! Then he started singing, he had a pure, golden voice that fitted perfectly with the music. I had to snap myself out of dream land and face reality. He was never going to see me. Then I saw Maddie fall into a gaggle of girls, I couldnt help laughing at her! She looked so funny! We helped her up and Maddie asked why Yaz brought us here? It turns out she didnt bring us here for the hot boys! We were there to look at the place we are proforming next week. The boys started singhing "What makes you beautifull" thats when I noticed they were One Direction! We stood and whatched for a while but then Maddie needed to go to the loo... on the other side of the centre! After a long time of pushing and shoving we finnally made our way to the toilets.

On the way back we went closer to the stage. It meant the girls were much fircer but it was worth it, I could see this curly haired boy closer up! We were nearly at the railing when I tripped over on a wire. Ughh I am such a clutz at times. It was my new heels... maybe a little too high for pushing and shoving?? Still I was quite small so these made me three inches taller!

Yaz's P.O.V

Me Maddie and were bent over Quinn. Maddie was laughing her head off and nearly toppling over herself! Quinn was lying on the floor looking a bit out of it. I asked her if anything hurt? She replied with

"ummm... My ankle feels funny..."

I helped her up and she fell over. She said she felt a bit dizzy. Me and Maddie tried to help her walk but she couldnt put any pressure on her ankle. There were no seats apart from the ones in the cafe, and they were all full up! I was looking for a way out when someone strong came and took over me and he and another gye grabbed Quinn and took her. Then a really, really cute boy came to my ear and said for me to follow him. I couldnt resite his adorable Irish accent. He showed me in side this little tent attached to the back of the stage. Quinn was siting down on a black leather couch and Maddie was lounging causually on a red chair. The irish boy told me he and the boys would be back in a minute to take us to the hostpital. All I could get out of my mouth was a little


I was really confused about what was going on so I went and sat with Quinn on the sofa... feeling a little dizzy myself!

This day had been full of suprises!! 

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