London Surprises! (FINISHED!)

Maddison, Quinn and Yazmin are three girls with an ambition in life, to move to London and become a famous girl band world wide! On their journey to fame they encounter something they thought never was going to happen...


27. Moving out then In!!

Maddie's P.O.V

Turns out I had a two day flu. I hate being ill. It is sooo not fun!! I get all mean and crabby. Poor Yaz had too take care of me, that poor poor little soul. Having too cope with me for a whole day. All I did was complain and shout and well vomit! I must thank her... again and agin for doing that! Any way so, our eight weeks in this gourgeous big house are up. :( Even though I will be leaving this place I won't really mind because I am moving in with LOUIS!!! I have always dreamed of becoming famous and living in a big house, or a penthouse maybe. Now my big dream that I never thought was going too happen, has happend!! Lucky for me I didn't have too do any of the work too become famous! The paps have seen me and Louis around, holding hand and kissing and stuff. It is all over the web! I have got soo much hate from fans but Louis told them too back off and leave me alone. I love him sooo much. I never thought this is how my life would end up, having a releationship with a member of One Direction! Not too shabby for Maddie!

I have just finished packing up all my clothes and random things that I brought with me. It's shuch a shame too leave this place. I love it so much. I mean, this is the birth place of Naz, Qurry and Laddie! It will be sad too leave. I went round each room saying goodbye. hmmm, why is saying good bye such a hard thing? I get too poseive about a place or thing that even if I have only had it for a while I am extremly sad too see it go. The rain started pattering against the massive window of the living room and it pulled me out of Lala Land. Yaz had allready left with Niall and Quinn the same with Harry. They are going up too Scotland for a while so she can see her family and Harry can meet them. I am going to live with Louis, but first thing first. I need too go up too Scotland and collect some things. I need too face my parents as well. They will defo have something to say about this! Oh well I am a free woman! I am just about too turn nineteen in three days! I am really excited!

"Come on babe, the man is here to take the keys. We need too go. Especially if we want too get too Scotland before sunset tonight." Louis said too break the silence of the room. He came up behind me and wrapped his strong arms around my waist. I twisted slightly so I could kiss him. We stood for a moment, just kissing. It was so perfect, just him and me. Thats all I could think of now. I mean we were obvisouly made for each other when we were put into this world. I belive that everyone is put into this world for a reason. To show greatness, or too find the perfect one. I belive that me and Louis were made too be together. Forever and Always.

We got too Louis flat half an hour later. I felt quite emotional, but oh well thats just me! Louis' place is amazing. I love it! I didn't really get too see much of it though because we had too rush off too get too Scotland on time. So moving out and moving in all in one day can be quite tiering! So I slept most of the journey there. I guess this is going too be fun telling my parents I leaving Scotland and moving too London with a boy I have only know for eight weeks! Well lets get this over with...

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