London Surprises! (FINISHED!)

Maddison, Quinn and Yazmin are three girls with an ambition in life, to move to London and become a famous girl band world wide! On their journey to fame they encounter something they thought never was going to happen...


3. London!

Quinn's P.O.V

We were touch down at the airport! Yes, we were finnally in London! I couldn't wait till we could start shopping and looking around! We rushed off to collect our bags but it took, forever!! When we got all our stuff we called a taxi, and like half an hour later a taxi was here!! Turns out they went to the wrong airport!!!! I have never trusted taxi's, I prefer buses and personal chofers. We got to the house we were staying at, at round about nine. We were very tired so we stumbled into the nearest room possible and I would like to say I got into bed and went straight asleep, but I didn't! I went into my ensuite and layed out all my makeup and hair needs on the shelves and had a quick wash in the sink. I took off my make up and brushed through my hair so it wasnt tangled in the morning and then I got into bed and fell straight asleep. Now I can say as soon as my head hit the pillow I was off into dream world!

Maddison's P.O.V

OMG we were in London! I was sooooo excited! This was the first time I had ever gone more than half an hour away from home! OMG we were here in London to become superstars!! I hope they havent forgotten why we came here!! We got our bags off the moving circle thing... it was well cool! I had never been to an airport before so this made it even more exitible!! It took forever, but that was okay because we got a McDonalds ( well me and Yaz did, Quinn didnt she just had a skinny Latte from the coffe shop( she is worried about her weight!) Dont know why???)! We called the taxi and it arrived half an hour late! He tried to explain but I wouldnt let him I wanted to get going so we could see the big ben on our way to the house!!!

When we got to the house I was all siked up because we had seen so many cool things on the way here! I was suprised about how quickly I went to sleep after Yaz calmmed me down and led me to the nearest room, she had already show Quinn her room ( I think she had got it all planned out!)! Sometimes I wonder how I would cope with my good friend Yaz! Tonight I didnt think though, I just clambourd into bed and went straight to sleep, with my cloths on!!

Yazmin's P.O.V

We were finnally here and we got off the plane in a big hurry because I was worried Maddie would jump out the window the way she was acting! We had to go and get our bags and that took quite awhile because of a hold up in another section. Then we called a taxi and it arrived half an hour later! Quinn started to get bored and grouchy that it was cold and it might rain and smudge her makeup. When the taxi arived he tried explaing but Maddie wouldnt let him because she wanted to go! I wanted him to say how sorry he was and grovel to make us pay full wages but of course he didnt. The taxi ride was silence apart from the few owwss and ahhhhhs from Madddie. Me and Quinn had been to London before but this was Maddies first time ever going afew steps away from her house! It is because of her mother being very protective over Maddie and her brother Dan! I wonder if Maddie is adopted because the rest of her family are very uptight and boring. Maddie on the other hand is very differnt!!

We got home and Quinn went straight to bed, She must of been very tired. I showed her to the right room. I had got it all planned out where we were going to sleep... I didnt want them mucking it up. Soon after that I showed Maddie to her room and I am pretty sure I heared snoring afew seconds after I had left her room!! I then went and got my bags and I noticed Maddie had left hers down stairs, ohwell she can get them in the morning! I went to sleep in afew minutes after  I got into bed. I couldn't stop thinking about what lied ahead, maybe a futer in the music career? It all depended on if we get noticed at any of our gigs we have lined up!... 



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